How to avoid getting slapped

If you were in a fight Waheeda Shah is someone you want on your side. She'll have your back.

Fyez Ahmed March 12, 2012
Recent events have led me to believe that this world is a very dangerous place. Teachers get slapped at polling stations, bouts of amnesia suggest that politicians don’t believe the accused is the accused at all and then politician’s claim the slap never occurred, contrary to video footage!

Even after you pardon the person who slapped you, there may be naysayers who say you were never actually slapped at all!!

How are we supposed to protect ourselves from the inevitable?

In these troubled times getting slapped has become a greater threat than ever before. While PPP's Waheeda Shah seems to be the new ambassador of the art of slapping, we fear other politicians may follow suit.

When you meet a “Waheeda Shah” what would you do in the face of a slap? Here is a quick video to show you how to avoid getting slapped and how to react if you are ever on the wrong side of a rogue politician.

While the Shahs of this world cannot always be stopped, this video can be used to teach one-self about what to do in the extremely unfortunate eventuality of meeting her.
Fyez Ahmed A Dubai based writer who tweets once a month @fyezeatscake (
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kidwai | 12 years ago | Reply Nice work. This woman should be banned for life from politics. Am surprised she just got a 2 year ban. Unbelievable!
Ayesha Pervez | 12 years ago | Reply Hey nice job! The first bit was more interesting than the ending :) But great work!!!!
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