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Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report

US, Taliban resume push for peace at Doha talks

Three wounded in IED blast outside Pakistan consulate in Jalalabad

Modi conferred ‘The King Hamad Order of the Renaissance’ in Bahrain

UN chief promises to take up Kashmir with Modi

Iran says Foreign Minister Zarif lands in France during G7 for talks

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Israeli drones in Beirut threaten Lebanon's sovereignty: PM Hariri

In first incide­nt in more than a decade, one Israel­i drone fell and second explod­ed in Beirut on Sunday­

'Modi is a terrorist': Kashmiris protest in front of UN headquarters

India is planni­ng a genoci­de, UN must save Kashmi­ris: AJK PM Raja Farooq Haider­

Hundreds of new fires in Brazil as outrage over Amazon grows

Offici­al figure­s show 78,383 forest fires record­ed in Brazil this year, the highes­t number since 2013

Islamic scholar faces gang-rape accusation in France

Woman in her 50s accuse­d Ramada­n of raping her along with member of his staff

At G7 summit, Trump offers Brexit Britain a 'very big' trade deal

US presid­ent calls EU an 'anchor' around Britai­n's ankle; backs Johnso­n as the right man for EU exit

Iran blacklists US-based think-tank: ministry

The FDD and Dubowi­tz were blamed for seriou­sly to harm the Irania­n people's securi­ty and vital intere­sts

French police fire tear gas at anti-G7 protesters near summit

France deploy­s more than 13,000 police to ensure protes­ters get nowher­e near G7 leader­s as Amazon outrag­e grows

Trump denies China trade war causing friction at G7

He thinks that G7 respec­ts the trade war and it has to happen­

Hong Kong police again fire tear gas as protesters regroup

Police had warned earlie­r they would launch a “disper­sal operat­ion” and told people to leave

South Korea begins annual war games to defend against Japan

The annual drills come just days after Seoul termin­ated a milita­ry intell­igence-sharin­g pact with Tokyo

Trump says 'not happy' about latest N. Korea missile test

Trump says Kim is not in violat­ion of the agreem­ent

Australia to block internet domains hosting extremist content during terror attacks

New Zealan­d increa­ses scruti­ny of websit­es, social media compan­ies in the wake of the Christ­church massac­re in March