Five bodies recovered in Karachi

Published: November 4, 2010

Rangers stand guard on a street in Karachi on October 20, 2010, following an attack by gunmen in the Shershah scrap market. PHOTO: FILE/AFP

KARACHI: Five bodies were recovered from various parts of the city on Thursday.

One of the bodies is of assistant sub inspector (ASI) Ansar Ajmer, while the other, found at the Kala Pull, is of a man in his thirties believed to be a rickshaw driver.

The bodies of Ajmer and an another unidentified person who was found in the Musa lines area in the Lyari neighborhood were taken to the Civil Hospital.

Meanwhile, two more bodies were found in the Khadda market area of Defence.

It has not yet been established by the police whether any of the murders were ‘target killings’.

Karachi this year has been witness to a spate of target killings with the number of murders reaching a fifteen-year high of 1,034 deaths in the first ten months of 2010 alone.

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