Up in the air: Signal-free corridor work enters second phase

Published: January 28, 2014

Six U-turns, two elevated roundabouts and an alternative route to Azadi Chowk are being constructed to improve traffic.. PHOTO: FILE


Construction started on Monday on the second phase of Metro Bus signal-free corridors at Chungi Amar Sidhu and Qainchi.

Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency (TEPA) Chief Engineer Saeed Akhtar said the work at Azadi Chowk had started on January 15.

He said the project, to cost Rs10 billion, includes construction of six U-turns, two elevated roundabouts and an alternative route to Azadi Chowk.

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Project Director Israr Saeed said the elevated roundabout at Azadi Chowk would take four months to complete. He said it would cost Rs4 billion, including Rs2.8 billion to be spent for construction.

They said a circular road from Azadi Chowk to Masti Gate would be completed in two months at a cost of Rs1 billion.

The project includes an elevated roundabout with three exits. The roundabout is to be connected to Ravi Road and Ahmad Ali Road.

A 1.6 kilometer road from Ahmad Ali Road to Lorry Adda along Minto Park to Lorry Adda.

The road is to have eleven lanes.

He said a stretch of Circular Road might be included to extend Minto Park.

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Ferozepur Road

A joint venture of construction companies has been given four months to complete construction at Chungi Amer Sadu and Qainchi.

The total cost of both projects is Rs5.89 billion of which Rs3.657 billion would be spent on construction.

This project includes four elevated U-turns and a roundabout for motorbikes.

Two elevated U-turns would be built in front of the Water and Power Development Authority’s office at Kamahan.

Two similar U-turns in front of the Lahore General Hospital Gate-I have also been planned.

Traffic coming from both sides of Ferozepur Road, Defence Road and Kacha Kamahan road will be able to use the U-turns. Ghazi Road and Chungi Amer Sidhu junctions would be demolished to give a free passage to the Metro Bus.

A roundabout specifically for motorbikes is also a part of the project.

The roundabout being constructed at Chungi Amer Sidhu will have six exits.

Four ramps have been planned for Ferozepur Road and one each Kamaha Road and Kacha Jail Road.

Project Director Mazhar Hussain said that the design had been borrowed from Shanghai.

He said that stairs were also being constructed so the bridge could be used by pedestrians.

He said the Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency had initially proposed to acquire 44 Kanals but it was changed to 24 Kanals

The junction at Qainchi will be replaced by two elevated U-turns; the first one will start from Walton Road and end at Ferozpur Road.

The second U-turn will towards Kamaha along Ferozepur Road.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 28th, 2014.

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