NA-250 Karachi: Miscreants disrupt voting process at DHA Phase-I polling station

Published: May 11, 2013

File photo of torn ballot papers. PHOTO: EXPRESS

KARACHI: The polling process at Dakhtaran Awami Secondary School, a polling station of NA-250 Karachi, began as per schedule but the process was later hindered by some miscreants who claimed that the ballot papers were not stamped by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

At 10:30am, the miscreants who apparently belonged to a political party but refused to identify themselves entered the polling station and clashed with the presiding officer.

Claiming that the ballot papers were not stamped by the ECP, they said that the entire process was illegal and all ballot papers should be emptied out and the voting process should be restarted from the beginning.

The presiding officer conceded that the ballot papers were not stamped but he had been calling the ECP offices since 3am and no representative showed up to solve the issue. The officer said that the process was rightfully being carried out as the presiding officer gets to have the final say in the matter.

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Reader Comments (1)

  • Baffled
    May 11, 2013 - 12:38PM

    Will you please mention what is happening in Lyari .Do dare to go out there and be brave enough to show the rigging by lyari gang war .


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