Intel unveils third generation ultrabooks

Published: June 21, 2012

The 3rd generation icore processors launched at a local hotel on Wednesday, formerly codenamed “Ivy Bridge”, are the second phase of the ultrabook computer systems.


“Some seven years ago I used to smoke an entire cigarette before my computer would boot, that’s not the case anymore,” Intel Country Manager Naveed Siraj, used this anecdote to set the stage for the launch of 3rd generation ultrabook computer systems.

The 3rd generation icore processors launched at a local hotel on Wednesday, formerly codenamed “Ivy Bridge”, are the second phase of the ultrabook computer systems. Intel unveiled ultrabook mobile computing devices in May last year.

Excited about the launch of ultrabook devices in Pakistan, Siraj went at length to talk about the technology behind these devices. The sleek ultrabook devices are powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors, made with the world’s most advanced 22nm 3-D tri-gate transistors, Siraj said in a presentation laden with demonstrations about the product’s main features.

These devices, according to Intel Pakistan’s chief, will awake in a flash taking less than 2 seconds to boot from deep sleep mode to active status – something he proved through an on-the-spot demonstration.

One can make data transfers at blazing speeds, Siraj said, with the addition of USB 3.0 and thunderbolt technology. The thunderbolt technology is a high-speed connection that allows incredibly quick transfers. With this technology, Siraj claimed, a full-length HD movie can be transferred to an ultrabook in less than 30 seconds. A demonstration of the same, however, took longer than 30 seconds – less than two minutes though.

The next wave of ultrabook systems is equipped with enhanced security features, including Intel Anti-Theft technology that lets people automatically disable their system by visiting a website if it is lost or stolen, Siraj said.

These devices, Siraj said, have been built by keeping customers expectations in mind. Intel Pakistan has forecasted over five times more ultrabooks to be introduced in the next 12 months as compared with the same period last year, Siraj said.

Published In The Express Tribune, June 21st, 2012.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Eeman
    Jun 22, 2012 - 3:26AM

    Dude, you’d very sluggish computer some 7 years ago. Hyper Threading (HT) processors were released in early 2002, that’s 10 years ago and they were pretty fast!


  • Haroon Rashid
    Jul 10, 2012 - 4:30PM

    Mr. Siraj is really working hard to churn the processors into machines in Pakistan. If we see Intel India backed by Intel Capital which supports, funds the enterprises develop products backed with the local software. Intel Pakistan has the same power and strength as Intel India, Intel China and look at the products they are churning. India has come out with Atom smart phones, which are being exported. Intel’s bouquet is awesome. Products solution from Automobile, to smart phones, payment systems, PC’s, laptops, and many industrial applications.
    Intel Pakistan need to wake up with the vibrant population of 65% youth.
    Today we are importing e-Waste which according to World Customs Organisation, Paris should not be cleared by customs. Intel Pakistan is wasting opportunities to e-Waste. Our capability should be brands which can export to the regional SAARC markets with zero tariff. We are wasting our resources on Lenovo, Dell, HP.
    By now we could have our own brands with trade marks, and supported by micro finance companies.


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