WAPDA engineers salvage Rs200 million

Published: May 24, 2012

PTESU has also successfully serviced six 500 KV shunt reactors installed at the Ghazi Barotha hydropower project.

LAHORE: Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) power transformer engineering service unit (PTESU) of Pakistan has achieved a landmark by reclaiming a high voltage 515 kilovolt (KV) transformer in their workshop. The salvaged transformer is now successfully operating and pumping electricity to the national grid. Besides building the in-house capacity, the reclamation also saved Rs200 million which is the cost of a new transformer of same specifications.

A 515KV transformer was initially installed at Barotha power complex where it developed a serious fault. The preliminary inspection of the salvage revealed the burns and damage on tap winding, whereas the adjoining parts were also affected due to the heat. Resultantly the transformer became inoperative. Since the requisite facilities for repairing, maintenance and testing were not available at the Barotha power complex, it was shifted to PTESU workshop in Lahore where the engineers and staff after analysing the situation, discussing the design, choosing the appropriate method of operation for repair, and improvising repaired the gigantic high voltage transformer.

After the procedure the transformer was subjected to sensitive stage of technical tests, judged by the team of Barotha power complex. The repaired transformer was shifted back to Barotha and installed at the generating unit. As of yet, the transformer is operating optimally.

Additionally, the PTESU has also successfully overhauled as many as six shunt reactors of 500KV installed at the switchyard of Ghazi Barotha hydropower project. Earlier, it decided to replace these reactors with new ones but later settled on repairing them. The restoration of shunt reactors saved Rs500 million.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 24th, 2012.


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