MQM reaffirms stance on Hazara province

Published: January 12, 2012

MQM believes in giving constitutional rights to the people of Hazara and southern Punjab, says Haider Abbas Rizvi.


The MQM has not backtracked from its stance on new provinces and will continue to pursue the cause of Hazara and Seraiki provinces.

This was said by MQM leader Haider Abbas Rizvi while addressing participants at a public meeting on Wednesday.

He disclosed that when his party tabled the bill for 20th amendment it faced strong criticism from its own allies but since it believes in giving constitutional rights to the people of Hazara and southern Punjab it overruled the opposition.

He made it clear that the MQM has not withdrawn the bill on Hazara province. He urged the people of Hazara to reject the parliamentarians of their area who failed to support the bill for Hazara province and support those who were struggling for their constitutional rights.

Chief of Tehrik Suba Hazara Baba Haider Zaman reiterated that his party would launch a civil disobedience movement if the government rejected popular demand for Hazara province.

Former MNA and chief of Suba Hazara Tehrik Sardar Muhammad Yousaf criticised the PML-Q leadership for its double standards.

Yousaf who was also district president of PML-Q Mansehra warned that if the party failed to support the bill on Hazara province the party cadres would quit and take to the street against the Chaudhrys.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 12th, 2012.

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