Pashto music legend Takkar to perform at Nobel ceremony

Sardar Ali Takkar to perfor­m Ta Bibi Sheeri­na Ye as a tribut­e to Malala­

How Adnan Sami Khan shed 165 kilogrammes

Many doctors have wrongly used Khan’s weight loss for advertising themselves. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Musici­an credit­s his remark­able transf­ormati­on to a high protei­n diet and avoidi­ng oily foods.

Overload to launch new single

The video depicts a man who possessed all worldly pleasures but still senses a void caused by parting from his lover. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Nimmi Nimmi is the band’s first single to be releas­ed in over a year

Confused Studio comes to an end

Momin Durrani, Komal Rizvi and Akhtar Channal perform Washmallay. PHOTO: COKESTUDIO.COM.PK

The 7th season of Coke Studio has been more of a hit-and-miss despit­e having a lineup of stella­r musici­ans

Rahat to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Rahat is reportedly the first Pakistani to perform at the event. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Artist­e to perfor­m amid the likes of Steven Tyler, Queen Latifa­h.

Nescafe Basement kicks off

The show will feature 25 new young artists from across Pakistan.

The show’s second season gave Coke Studio a tough time last year.

U2’s Bono fitted with metal plates, screws after bike accident

Bone in the upper arm shattered in six places and tore through the skin, requiring three metal plates and 18 screws to repair the injury. PHOTO: FILE

The 54-year-old singer was trying to avoid anothe­r cyclis­t on Sunday when the accide­nt occurr­ed.

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