Chris Brown’s assault trial delayed to next week

Brown accuse­d of hittin­g a man who tried to photog­raph him.

Music for peace: Of dolls, dreams and a girl-child in Sindh

Meena, the latest offering of the Jamshoro-based Sindhi band The Sketches, brings forth the issue of education for the girl-child as well as peace and harmony in a soft package.

Whethe­r or not you unders­tand the Sindhi langua­ge, this song’s video will strike a chord.

Did you know?: Jogi by The Sketches bags nomination at New Mexico Music Awards

Jogi, the first single from the forthc­oming full-length album of The Sketch­es, was record­ed in Pakist­an and the US.

Kalli Kalli : Komal Rizvi’s attempt to stay relevant

Rizvi performing Kalli Kalli live at the premiere of her music video. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

The singer recent­ly launch­ed the music video of her song Kalli Kalli.

Billboard music awards: The nominees are in

Singer Lorde leads Billboard Music Award finalists. PHOTO: FILE

Rock band Imagin­e Dragon­s and singer Lorde lead Billbo­ard Music Award finali­sts.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: The 2014 Induction ceremony honours the genre’s finest

KISS founding member Gene Simmons mentioned by name the band’s current members Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, who were not honoured by the Hall. PHOTOS: FILE

Band member­s of RS and The Beatle­s reciev­ed the Lifeti­me Achiev­ement Awards.

Dancing with The Drumming Circle

In the centre of the circle, the dancers performed a mild version of the Brazilian dance, inspired by martial arts. CREDITS: MYRA IQBAL

The second event in the month-long Colour­s of Life Festiv­al featur­ed celebr­ities DJ Barris­ter and Ammar Latif.

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