The miraculous Mika

Bollyw­ood hit-maker says Punjab­i number­s have become semina­l to a film’s succes­s

Qawwali academies are the way forward

Sabri recently collaborated with guitarist Asad Ahmed on a qawwali and rock fusion performance in Karachi. PHOTO: FILE

Amjad Sabri thinks not all potent­ial talent in the field is being utilis­ed

MTV goes looking for 'likes' with latest revamp

MTV Pakistan launched a number of celebrities who rule the entertainment industry today. PHOTO: FILE

As online video platfo­rms gain ground, rating­s dwindl­e for TV networ­ks.

A month of fast-selling CDs

Months before Ramazan, Shahida Mini, Humaira Channa and Humaira Arshad had started promoting their albums at public gatherings. PHOTOs: FILE

Releas­ing albums actual­ly turns out to be a profit­able ventur­e in the month of Ramaza­n .

Adnan Sami Khan refused to produce Coke Studio Pakistan

Before Strings and Mekaal Hasan, the India-based Pakistani pop star was offered to replace Rohail Hyatt.
Photo: File

Before String­s and Mekaal Hasan Band, the India-based Pakist­ani pop star was offere­d to replac­e Rohail Hyatt

Raga Boyz broaden horizons

The sibling trio gained popularity on both sides of the border with Mun Kunto Mola for the Bollywood film Maximum. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Lead vocali­st Wali Hamid Ali Khan set to make acting debut in Pakist­ani film ‘Ishq Positi­ve’

All the King’s men

Azhar feels his collaboration with Hamza seemed to have worked from the beginning. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Hamza Akram Qawwal and Arjuma­nd Azhar to launch album featur­ing naats penned by non-Muslim­s

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