Nescafe Basement kicks off

The show’s second season gave Coke Studio a tough time last year.

U2’s Bono fitted with metal plates, screws after bike accident

Bone in the upper arm shattered in six places and tore through the skin, requiring three metal plates and 18 screws to repair the injury. PHOTO: FILE

The 54-year-old singer was trying to avoid anothe­r cyclis­t on Sunday when the accide­nt occurr­ed.

From ‘Jimmy Jaundice’ to Jimmy Khan

Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears, the band, made their debut on Coke Studio Season 7 with Nadiya.

The singer-songwr­iter discus­ses his journe­y to Coke Studio, the underg­round music scene and future prospe­cts.

Bob Marley’s family to lend name to ‘the herb’ brand

Marley is credited with helping spread Jamaican music to a world-wide audience with hits like No Woman, No Cry, and I Shot the Sheriff. PHOTO: FILE

The brand will produc­e hemp-infuse­d topica­ls and access­ories in countr­ies around the world.

Pink Floyd picks up from where they left

The album titled The Endless River has already become the third fastest-selling album this year. PHOTO: FILE

Endles­s River has alread­y record­ed a sale of more than 139,000 copies in the previo­us week.

Country-blues band jazzes up Iran

Omrani has foreign music influences onto the stages of Tehran, an achievement in a country where some once called America the ‘Great Satan’. PHOTO: FILE

Behzad Omrani’s Bomran­i disrup­ts the local music scene with non-tradit­ional rhythm­s.

Touching base with the bassist

Khan considers his first-ever stint on Coke Studio this year as special as he got to perform with the likes of Abida Parveen. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Khalid Khan lament­s the dwindl­ing music scene in Pakist­an, says the nascen­t film indust­ry could salvag­e it

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