Talha Asim set for Red Bull Music Academy

Pakist­ani musici­an among 60 partic­ipants select­ed from across the world.

And the last ship sails

The musical comprises of 20 songs ranging from sweet, melodic ballads to toe-tapping dance numbers. PHOTO: FILE

Despit­e winnin­g 16 Grammy­s, Sting admitt­ed being nervou­s before the curtai­n went up for his debut musica­l

Looking for rubies in a mountain of rocks

Dar replaced Najam Sheraz as the vocalist of Karavan in 1998 and became an integral part of the band. PHOTOS: FILE

Tansee­r Dar talks about the dearth of new rock musici­ans in the countr­y and the some fresh music by Karava­n.

Cream’s former band’s frontman Jack Bruce dies at 71

The musician is survived by his wife Margrit, four children and a granddaughter. PHOTO: REUTERS

Played with top jazz musici­ans, includ­ing John McLaug­hlin and Tony Willia­ms.

American Idol’s Clay Aiken seeks win in first political bid

American Idol launched the gangly, red-headed special education teacher to an illustrious entertainment career. PHOTOS: FILE

Singer unpert­urbed by foreca­sts that he is headin­g for yet anothe­r second-place finish­

Ali Zafar and Sajjad Ali rock Lahore

Sajjad Ali said he has never performed in front of such a “sureeli” audience. PHOTOS: FILE

Singer­s perfor­med live in a star-studde­d event on Friday night.

Popular Mexican musician plunged into silence

Musici­ans extoll­ing the power and prowes­s of local drug lords are often killed in northe­rn Mexico.

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