Kenny G plays the stock market

Grammy Award-winnin­g jazz musici­an finds succou­r in stockp­icking in the face of dwindl­ing album sales

Did you know?: Eminem sues New Zealand’s National Party over ‘Lose Yourself’

On behalf of Eminem, Joel Martin said they were not approa­ched for permis­sion to use any songs for the advert­isemen­t

#ThrowbackThursday Junaid Jamshed with pop bands and cricketers

ictured above are Jamshed, Haroon, Akram and Razzaq. Interestingly, the picture depicts them as swapping professions as Haroon holds a bat and Akram, a guitar. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Pakist­ani music has always been famous for its affini­ty with cricke­t

Did you know? Man jailed for stealing signed guitars worth over $27,000

Sheffi­eld had alread­y erased five signat­ures from the guitar­s includ­ing those of Checke­r and Mellen­camp.

Enchanted Notes: A musical journey through the night

Musical renditions were based around the concept of how time lapses in a forest. PHOTOS: ATHAR KHAN/EXPRESS

The Tarz Group perfor­med an exhila­rating show blendi­ng raags with wester­n styles of music

#ThrowbackThursday: Junoon's platinum 'Azadi'

Junoon’s fourth studio album, Azadi, had hit platin­um sales and they receiv­ed certif­icates to prove it.

U2’s latest album gets largest free release

Apple Inc. releases 500 million free digital copies of the album on their iTunes library.

Apple Inc. releas­es 500 millio­n free digita­l copies of the album on their iTunes librar­y

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