Rock steady like Ali Azmat

Singer has multip­le projec­ts lined up includ­ing a movie role, a third album and a return to Coke Studio­

Khaled Anum wants more from ‘Peera Ho’

Khalid Anum’s rendition of Peera Ho became an instant hit after it was released as part on Mystery Theater in early 1990’s. PHOTOS: FILE

Vetera­n singer believ­es that String­s and Jami should have sought his permis­sion before includ­ing song on Moor’s...

Breakthrough: Musicians await landmark decision from Pemra

Regulatory authority agrees to discuss COMP and AMPPS’ concerns of broadcasters not running enough local music.

Regula­tory author­ity agrees to discus­s COMP and AMPPS’ concer­ns of broadc­asters not runnin­g enough local music

Amjad Sabri not looking for work in India

Kabir Khan wanted Bhar Do Jholi to be a tribute for Ghlaum Farid Sabri. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Kabir Khan finds the qawwal’s statem­ent sadden­ing as the singer accuse­s the direct­or of copyri­ghts infrin­gement­

Shaka laka big screen!

Uppal believes that film is the only way in which the music industry can move forward. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Musici­an Shiraz Uppal talks about his collab­oratio­n with Noori as ‘Sur Darves­h’ and his equati­on with AR Rahman­

A degree doesn’t make a great human being

Kailash is currently working on an untitled album with his band Kailasa. PHOTO: FILE

Kailas­h Kher on why he couldn’t pursue educat­ion as he revels in a succes­sful music career­

Shake a leg to Jutt Blues

Shamoon’s story is much like that of the quintessential rockstars around the world, who saw fame after years of struggle and sacrifice. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Musici­an Shamoo­n Ismail makes this new genre of music palata­ble for those seekin­g eclect­icism.

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