Raising the curtain on Coke Studio 7

Here is the list of the new House Band member­s, guest musici­ans and some featur­ing artist­es to look forwar­d to.

Music review: Midnight Sun - overcoming shadows

Sometimes a lingering ghost is a good thing.

Someti­mes a linger­ing ghost is a good thing.


Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. STOCK IMAGE

The smiles on their faces speak a lot about their person­al affili­ation with each other.

Did you know?: Backstreet Boys cancel concerts in Israel

“This is a major disappointment for the band and fans as this was supposed to be our first visit to Israel and we were looking forward to meeting our fans,” said the band.

The shows were schedu­led from July 29 to July 31 at the Ra’anana Amphit­heater in Tel Aviv.

Adele seeks therapy for photo phobia

Adele is dealing with the phobia ahead of her huge music comeback in the near future. PHOTO: FILE

A photog­rapher known as the photo healer is counse­lling the singer throug­h Skype sessio­ns.

Pashtun singers: Tunes of resistance

Late singer, Ghazala Javed, who was gunned down in June, 2012.  PHOTO: HAMID HUSSAIN

Pashtu­n singer­s hope to defy milita­ncy and preach harmon­y throug­h music.

#ThrowBackThursday: Strings

Pictured above are lead vocalist Faisal Kapadia (L) and guitarist Bilal Maqsood (R) along with former Strings synthesiser Rafiq Wazir Ali and bassist Kareem Bashir Bhoy.

The pictur­e is a retros­pectiv­e glance at how the band has crosse­d many ‘pahar’ to achiev­e the statur­e they now hold.

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