Rock N’ Roll meets fashion

Rock group Led Zeppel­in join hands with Britis­h design­er Sir Paul Smith to create limite­d editio­n scarve­s.

‘Dil Se’ is how the magic happens

Singer only wants to do the music that motivates him to work harder, otherwise he says he will lose his audience.

Singer only wants to do the music that motiva­tes him to work harder, otherw­ise he says he will lose his audien­ce.

Can’t buy me love…..

In November 1965 the band was honoured with the Order of the British Empire; a national honor usually accorded leading industrialists, entrepreneurs, and inventors. PHOTOS: FILE

A year after Beatle­s stoppe­d perfor­ming live, sterli­ng was devalu­ed to $2.40, and the UK reques­ted loans from the IMF.

Did you know?: Zoe Viccaji to launch ‘Dareeche’ today

Dareeche is a culmination of songs written by Viccaji from the age of 15 with many life events and music genres influencing her lyrics and musical style

The album will be availa­ble online for downlo­ad on iTunes worldw­ide and on in Pakist­an.

All they heard was Radio Ga Ga

Guitarist Brian May and Lady Gaga have previously made music together. PHOTO: FILE

Lady Gaga made a guest appear­ence during Queen’s Austra­lia tour

In memorium: Nine years since Pervez Mehdi left us

Global­ly recogn­ised Punjab­i pop and play back singer, Daler Mehndi, consid­ers Pervez his spirit­ual mentor.

Coke Studio season seven line-up unveiled

Abida Parveen to feature in Coke Studio season seven. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Line-up includ­es 23 artist­es and 22 musici­ans with a revamp­ed house band and guest artist­s.

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