VIDEO: A sneak peek into Ali Zafar’s Peshawar tribute

Singer set to releas­e the bigges­t-ever Pakist­ani music video tribut­e to APS victim­s

‘Amann’, a Pushto anthem for APS tragedy

The song was written by the famous Pashto poet Laiq Zada Laiq, who has been selected for the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance.  PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Artist­es from Khyber-Pakhtu­nkhwa come togeth­er to dedica­te a song to those suffer­ing from terror­ism in the provin­ce.

Are TV soundtracks hitting the right note?

Several musicians, such as Ahmed Jahanzeb, Fuzon and QB have been launched their careers through TV soundtracks. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Compos­ers and direct­ors discus­s theme songs in Pakist­ani dramas and whethe­r they can help revive the music indust­ry.

A night of folk music and mysticism

An acoustic guitar-slinging Azhar took centre stage, accompanied by Zeeshan Mansoor on electric guitar, Zain Ali on bass and guitar, Raees Khan on violin and Fazal Abbas on the tabla. PHOTO: Huma Choudhary

Arieb Azhar and his band of musici­ans entran­ced audien­ces with their soulfu­l melodi­es and revamp­ed mash-ups.

South Korean children navigate rocky road to K-pop stardom

A recent survey of pre-teens showed 21 per cent of respondents wanted to be K-pop stars when they grow up, the most popular career choice. PHOTO: REUTERS

Korean childr­en often put up with punish­ing schedu­les in the hope of one day making it big in the music indust­ry.

IS religious police publicly lashes musicians

The musicians were punished with 90 lashes, following raids that reportedly took place in Bujaq, situated a few miles to the east of Aleppo in Syria. PHOTOS: DAILY MAIL

Milita­nt group reinfo­rces flagel­lation as a deterr­ent to playin­g ‘un-Islami­c’ electr­onic keyboa­rd.

‘Bolo Na’ in memory of our lost future: Farhad

The band said they were looking for the right time to release the song, which they made around three years ago. PHOTO: OVERLOAD FACEBOOK PAGE

Overlo­ad pays homage to the victim­s of the Peshaw­ar massac­re, childr­en who lost their lives last year.

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