The bold and the brash

Design­er Kamiar rokni talks about balanc­ing flambo­yance on the runway agains­t flair on the rack.

Shoppers meet philanthropy

The event had 80 luxury brands donating pieces from their latest collections. PHOTO: FILE

The Fundra­isers’ Bargai­n Baseme­nt Sale raises funds for flood relief and breast cancer awaren­ess.

The health and fashion arbiter

Last month, Shilpa launched her own sari line titled SSK (Shilpa Shetty Kundra). PHOTO: FILE

Actor Shilpa Shetty explor­es new avenue­s as she pens a book on nutrit­ion for women

7 tips for travelling wise


You must keep in mind local conduc­t and attitu­des and the social norms of the place you are visiti­ng

Amal named London’s most powerful woman

Amal, who recently wed George Clooney in Venice, changed her surname from Alamuddin to Clooney last week. PHOTO: FILE

Lawyer ranks fourth on an annual power rankin­g, outpac­ing Malala Yousaf­zai

Pakistani designers say adios to the Sultan of Suave

De la Renta placed New York on the fashion map in the 1970s and 1980s alongside Paris and Milan. PHOTO: FILE

Domini­can fashio­n design­er Oscar de la Renta passes away, leavin­g behind an indeli­ble legacy­

Fashion a la Oscar de la Renta

During his 40+ year-long career, he emerge­d as one of the most celebr­ated design­ers the fashio­n world has seen

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