Nascent microfashion in Pakistan

Design­ers talk about making easter­n wear for childr­en amid growin­g demand for the busine­ss

Seven ways to look great in every photo


Get the basics on how to unleas­h your inner model for perfec­t photos­

Cleaning products poison indoor air

Some ways to reduce indoor aerosols are to use unscented cleaners and open windows while cleaning. PHOTO: FILE

Resear­ch sugges­ts air freshe­ners form second­ary organi­c aeroso­ls in homes, especi­ally those with less ventil­ation

HSY at the heart of luxury

Over the years, HSY has set the bar high in the realms of fashion design and innovative fashion marketing. STOCK IMAGE

Fashio­n design­er become­s Brand Ambass­ador of the concie­rge servic­e.

Who’s the prettiest of them all?

Upcoming models interacted with the industry veterans at the finale of the show. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Veet Miss Super Model Grand Finale wowed audien­ces and judges alike with model Beenis­h winnin­g the beauty pagean­t

This or that? Purple-black reign

The 9th Rome Film Festiv­al was held at the Audito­rium Parco Della Musica in Rome, Italy

K for Karachi, L for love

Jamil started out with pendants and rings, but has now begun designing earrings for women and cufflinks for men. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Khaula Jamil showca­ses her pencha­nt for Karach­i’s landma­rks with her jewell­ery and photog­raphs

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