Here are a few trends you need to follow to spruce up your fashio­n quotie­nt.

Red back in vogue

According to a poll conducted by Dove Colour Confidence, embracing red clothing can boost confidence levels with 16 per cent of women associating it with confidence above all other spectrum colours.

Red is in vogue and it is time for you to give a red makeov­er to your wardro­be as the colour helps boost confid­ence.

Bridals for the monsoon wedding

From panelled aplomb lehnga’s to peshwas’s, Ansari’s clothes are bold and traditional at the same time. PHOTOS: SHAFIQ MALIK/EXPRESS

Design­er Nomi Ansari displa­yed his Rang Mahal and Gravit­y collec­tions at the bridal trunk show.

Did you know?: PFDC announces L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2014

The event is schedu­led to take place in Lahore from Septem­ber 30 to Octobe­r 2, 2014.

Trend spotting: Try pink lipstick this fall

Here’s a list of celebr­ities who wore rose lip colour­s best at differ­ent events.

Playing it safe

She may be declining all acting roles, however, in the future, the model does plan on starting either her own clothing line or may give her directorial skills a shot. PHOTOS: PUBLICTY

LSA nomine­e Fouzia Aman talks about her steady progre­ss in the fashio­n indust­ry and its double standa­rds .

Welcoming the House of Shamaeel!

The store in Karachi is tentatively scheduled to open by the end of the year while plans are underway for another retail standpoint in Lahore.

Store in Karach­i is tentat­ively schedu­led to open by year end while plans are underw­ay for retail standp­oint in Lahore­

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