5 gross makeup ingredients that are actually good for your skin

Yes, bird poop made it to the list

India to get its first modelling agency for transgenders

An effort by the transgender community to improve their social and personal image.

An effort by the transg­ender commun­ity to improv­e their social and person­al image

The colours of happiness

The collection comprises 200 designs for women and 50 for men. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

J. unveil­s latest lawn collec­tion, ‘Har Rang Apna’

Introducing the new 'hijab-wearing' Barbie

24-year-old Haneefah Adam has paved the way for a new Barbie.

24-year-old Haneef­ah Adam has paved the way for a new Barbie called 'Hijarb­i'

Omar Mansoor, Maheen Khan: Coming out of the cocoon

The two met in London over the summer, where Maheen explained the fabric and purpose of Koya Initiative to Mansoor. PHOTOS: FILE

Design­ers Omar Mansoo­r and Maheen Khan on taking Koya initia­tive to intern­ationa­l market­

Models for this brand will now have a 'non-negotiable' eating clause in contracts

Brand believes this form of 'nannying' is necessary in order to regulate the new clause.

Brand believ­es this form of 'nannyi­ng' is necess­ary in order to regula­te the new clause­

This curious cat is now an accidental fashion icon

Purrr-fect cat-astrophe? PHOTO: IMGUR

Purrr-fect cat-astrop­he?

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