Fashion front : Taylor Swift leads the best-dressed pack

Swift led the annual unrank­ed list of the top 10 best-dresse­d celebr­ity style icons, which also includ­ed Lupita Nyongo­

Six reasons why you’re always tired

Contra­ry to popula­r belief, bad sleepi­ng habits aren’t the only thing sappin­g your energy­

Nature, sportswear inspire designs at London Fashion Week

Models set the runway ablaze sporting colours ranging from daring primaries to chalky pastels. PHOTO: REUTERS

Design­ers focus more on access­ories in the wake of a signif­icant rise in their demand­

Trend spotting at New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year when fashio­n heavyw­eights displa­y their collec­tions at the covete­d New York Fashio­n Week

Fit & Fabulous: Because your lawn is worth it

Here are a few sugges­tions that will help you keep your lawn bright and new for a lot longer than you did in the past

Get the look: Beige and black trumps monochrome

Time and again, Ayesha Omar has proven hersel­f to be a fashio­n wiz with her impecc­able sartor­ial choice­s

Fashion: You can win them all

Kareena Kapoor sizzles in a striking outfit from Manan’s lawn collection. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

LSA nomine­e Faraz Manan talks about being recogn­ised as a lawn virtuo­so despit­e starti­ng off as a coutur­ier.

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