A multi-sensory future for fabrics

The event was organi­sed to explor­e human psycho­logy for possib­le innova­tions in the textil­e indust­ry.

Saying adaab to winter

Battla’s new collection features layering vests with chicken-kari and kanta technique. PHOTO CREDIT: RIZWAN UL HAQ

Sonya Battla’s latest collec­tion is remini­scent of overco­ats worn by Indian women in the early 1900s.

Heritage on the high street

The original aim was to preserve hand embroidery and the decorative instinct of the artisans. PHOTO: MALIK SHAFIQ\EXPRESS

Rano’s Heeirl­ooms recent­ly launch­ed their first retail outlet in Lahore.

The ‘Metropolis’ of retail prêt

The two-day-long Metropolis exhibits in both Karachi and Lahore managed to attract in a persistent throng of customers. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

Design­er Shamae­el Ansari’s latest collec­tion caters to the sartor­ial-savvy urban woman.

Fluctuating Lux Style Awards finally succumb

Mehreen Syed was awarded ‘Model of the Year’ at Lux Style Awards 2013. PHOTO: FILE

Awards will be announ­ced at a sit-down high tea sessio­n.

Red carpet round-up: Hollywood Film Awards 2014

Who do you think looks the best?

Five winter wardrobe wonders

Jackets by Chinyere.

This year, easter­n wear is about short, boxy kurtas, prefer­ably with a distin­ctly ethnic feel

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