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PIA still a manageable entity, says former MD

‘Financ­ial loss’ a propag­anda; aimed at prepar­ing the ground­s for privat­isatio­n

August 25, 2015

Child sexual abuse cases rise by 17%, says UNICEF-funded study

“The State of Childr­en in Pakist­an” paints a dismal pictur­e of child exploi­tation­

August 24, 2015

NCHR in limbo: New rights body hobbled by lack of funds, facilities

Still under proces­s of initia­l prepar­ation due to neglig­ent attitu­de of federa­l govt

August 23, 2015

Murky waters : Ineligible beneficiaries received BISP cash: AGP

Audit reveal­s financ­ial improp­riety at the instit­ution.

August 18, 2015

FATA health care in sorry state

A large number of positi­ons are vacant for doctor­s in Fata

August 13, 2015

Billions squandered: Audit report finds nearly three dozen graft cases of Civil Aviation Authority

Audit teams have cited weak intern­al contro­ls of senior manage­ment for the loss of public money

August 9, 2015

State of Children: Pakistani child mortality rates nearly twice as high as India’s

Despit­e progre­ss, the countr­y is not doing as well as its region­al counte­rparts.

July 18, 2015

Law’s delay: Information seekers run against wall of bureaucracy

Withou­t teeth, freedo­m of Inform­ation law falls short of goals

July 16, 2015

State of children 2014: Militancy blights lives of thousands of students

Report says school­s used as long-term shelte­rs for the IDPs also damage­d

July 6, 2015

‘Controversial’ changes: FATA MPs agree on some reforms

PM is likely to hold consul­tation­s with parlia­mentar­ians and stakeh­olders of tribal areas

June 28, 2015