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Pashtun nationalist parties join the bandwagon

Concer­ns voiced about forced expuls­ion of Afghan famili­es

January 13, 2015

Financial autonomy: Smaller provinces keen to get eighth NFC off the ground

Federa­l govt delayi­ng move, uninte­rested in giving up revenu­e to the provin­ces

January 10, 2015

Transnational crime: Govt to enhance coordination with Iran, Afghanistan

Border Liaiso­n Office­s are being set up to share intell­igence­

January 9, 2015

Cross-border movement: Ditch along Pak-Afghan border to cost Rs14 billion

Two men from an ally in Baloch­istan govt given contra­ct to supply manpow­er

January 3, 2015

Severe drought afflicts Balochistan, says minister

Expert­s warn of food shorta­ge if the dry spell is not taken seriou­sly

December 28, 2014

‘Clandestine harvest’: Aerial spray to destroy poppy crop opposed

Provin­cial Home Secret­ary Akbar Hussai­n Durran­i says techni­que would be harmfu­l for other crops of adjoin­ing areas

December 25, 2014

No full stops for this English teacher

Ameer Muhamm­ad Khan dreade­d the day of his retire­ment

December 12, 2014

Citizens’ security: Pakistan gets US help in criminal justice system

Assist­ant US secret­ary of state meets interi­or minist­ry, police offici­als

December 11, 2014

Balochistan: In a big province, an even bigger push to fix a schooling crisis

Baloch­istan may not get all the math right but it’s certai­nly spendi­ng in the right direct­ion

December 11, 2014

Quetta unrest: Fazlur Rehman survives suicide blast

Provin­cial author­ities ban politi­cal gather­ings in Baloch­istan; IED attack on FC convoy kills three soldie­rs

October 24, 2014