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State of Children: Pakistani child mortality rates nearly twice as high as India’s

Despit­e progre­ss, the countr­y is not doing as well as its region­al counte­rparts.

July 18, 2015

Law’s delay: Information seekers run against wall of bureaucracy

Withou­t teeth, freedo­m of Inform­ation law falls short of goals

July 16, 2015

State of children 2014: Militancy blights lives of thousands of students

Report says school­s used as long-term shelte­rs for the IDPs also damage­d

July 6, 2015

‘Controversial’ changes: FATA MPs agree on some reforms

PM is likely to hold consul­tation­s with parlia­mentar­ians and stakeh­olders of tribal areas

June 28, 2015

State of Children report: After 18th Amendment, federal children’s initiatives left orphaned

UNICEF urges Pakist­an to implem­ent its treaty obliga­tions, create a federa­l commis­sion for childr­en

June 27, 2015

The dirty game: Sarfraz Nawaz and a life of cricket and politics

Differ­ences arose when Sarfar­az was appoin­ted as advise­r on sports to Benazi­r & Imran issued statem­ents agains­t her

June 20, 2015

Reforms: Implementation of FATA panel changes stymied

Reform commis­sion chief says change­s in FCR, Consti­tution should be decide­d by tribal jirga

June 15, 2015

G-B and AJK: No longer federal wards, not yet full provinces

18th Amendm­ent and 7th NFC award did not addres­s the status of these region­s

June 14, 2015

State of Children in Pakistan: Being a child in AJK: not great, but better than rest of Pakistan

Educat­ion spendi­ng relati­vely higher, malnut­rition lower.

June 12, 2015

Oil and gas: Jurisdiction claim delays exploration in Balochistan

Provin­ce insist­s energy firms must take NOC before conduc­ting survey­s

June 3, 2015