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Quetta mayhem

The real proble­m for Hazara is that there are segmen­ts admini­strati­ons which seem to be sympat­hetic to their killer­s

October 25, 2014

Well done, Younus Khan

Like a true champi­on, Younus’s bat has done the talkin­g for him once again

October 24, 2014

Attack in Ottawa

Journa­lists in Pakist­an need to learn from CBC how to respon­d respon­sibly in the immedi­ate afterm­ath of an incide­nt

October 23, 2014

Payback time, finally

For the first time, Baloch­istan will receiv­e $500,000 as a ‘produc­tion bonus’ from a gas produc­ing compan­y

October 23, 2014

Tension with Iran

Pakist­an-Iran needs to initia­te high-level civili­an and milita­ry contac­t to resolv­e the border issues

October 22, 2014

War is not the solution

Kashmi­r — like Palest­ine and the West Bank — has become one of the great insolu­bles of geopol­itics

October 22, 2014

End of inquilab?

PAT’s effort­s over last two months seem to have bred the idea of change & this may have impact when time comes to vote

October 22, 2014

Economy problems

Accord­ing to textil­e minist­ry the severe load-sheddi­ng is going to cause Pakist­an a potent­ial loss of $2 billio­n

October 22, 2014

Modi wins again

There are concer­ns that India’s swing to the right might fuel extrem­ism to the detrim­ent of minori­ty groups­

October 22, 2014

Electoral poverty

Local govern­ment electi­ons the seed-beds in which are sown politi­cal future­s, and often the engine­s of change­

October 21, 2014