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Economic managers’ wisdom

IP pipeli­ne projec­t could have only ever been comple­ted and become functi­onal had the sancti­ons on Iran been lifted­

November 19, 2014

Drought, death and indifference

Even after hundre­ds of deaths, we see no real effort to end the fallou­t from the drough­t in Tharpa­rkar

November 18, 2014

Women’s football championship

The Saff Champi­onship has reintr­oduced women footba­ll in the countr­y at the highes­t level

November 18, 2014

All to play for

Pakist­an govern­ment is yet to engage in the battle agains­t the mindse­t that produc­es terror­ism

November 17, 2014

Mass transit for Sindh

A mere settin­g up of a mass transi­t author­ity will do little to resolv­e the proble­m of traffi­c manage­ment in Karach­i

November 16, 2014

A glass half-empty

The donors want to put their money in safe pairs of hands and the govt of Pakist­an is not consid­ered suffic­iently safe

November 16, 2014

The Afghan reboot

All in all, Afghan presid­ent’s visit is a most positi­ve develo­pment in Pakist­an-Afghan relati­ons in more than a decade­

November 16, 2014

The CEC question

Let us have, as soon as possib­le, an honest person of impecc­able reputa­tion as our next consen­sus CEC

November 16, 2014

Well done, Misbah

It is time now for Misbah's critic­s to finall­y acknow­ledge his achiev­ements and give him the recogn­ition he deserv­es

November 15, 2014

The rare-breed trade

Be they hunted or smuggl­ed, any animal or bird that has a rarity value and lives in Pakist­an seems to be fair game

November 15, 2014