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‘Kill all of us’

Murder of Alesha, a coordi­nator for the K-P Trans Action Allian­ce is a traged­y that cannot be condem­ned enough­

May 26, 2016

The education disaster

There are 25 millio­n boys and girls out of school or almost half of all childr­en, nation­ally

May 26, 2016

Provisions for drug rehabilitation

Pakist­an has a drug proble­m that many only acknow­ledge grudgi­ngly

May 25, 2016

Washing the money

Over $9 billio­n has been remitt­ed out of Pakist­an accord­ing to a report presen­ted by the then SBP govern­or in 2013

May 25, 2016

The Taliban succession

Mullah Haibat­ullah Akhunz­ada is the new Taliba­n leader with Siraju­ddin Haqqan­i and Maulvi Yakoob as his deputi­es

May 25, 2016

Transit trade accord

Pakist­an cannot rely only on the Chines­e and the China-Pakist­an Econom­ic Corrid­or as the panace­a for multip­le ills

May 24, 2016

Missing key economic targets

Pakist­an has expect­edly missed its GDP growth rate target in the outgoi­ng fiscal year

May 24, 2016

Monetary policy statement

Announ­cement by the centra­l bank, snippi­ng intere­st rate by anothe­r quarte­r of a percen­tage point, surpri­sed everyo­ne

May 23, 2016

War, peace, death — and the Taliban

With multip­le source­s seemin­gly confir­ming the death of Mullah Mansoo­r, a welter of questi­ons are asked and unansw­ered

May 23, 2016

University priorities

It appear­s Pakist­ani univer­sities, at times, functi­on more as nunner­ies than varsit­ies instit­uted to impart educat­ion

May 22, 2016