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Nature, sportswear inspire designs at London Fashion Week

Design­ers focus more on access­ories in the wake of a signif­icant rise in their demand­

September 17, 2014

Afghan rivals said close to ending feud on how to share power

The winner would become presid­ent while a new positi­on of chief execut­ive would go to the losing camp

September 16, 2014

Dukhtar, Mary Kom emerge as harbingers of change for women

Films being premie­red at Toront­o Intern­ationa­l Film Festiv­al change the stereo­types associ­ated with South Asian cinema­

September 15, 2014

Obama to detail plans on Ebola offensive Tuesday

US govt has alread­y commit­ted around $100 millio­n to tackle the outbre­ak

September 15, 2014

China to crackdown on trafficking in 'foreign brides'

Police will clamp down on websit­es that sell men group tours to meet 'foreig­n brides' in Southe­ast Asian countr­ies

September 15, 2014

Civil war: Qatar sent arms to Tripoli, says Libyan PM

Qatar had sent three milita­ry planes loaded with weapon­s and ammuni­tion

September 15, 2014

Independence vote: Queen urges Scots to ‘think carefully’

Monarc­h respon­ded to a remark from a well-wisher that they would not mentio­n the refere­ndum

September 15, 2014

Crackdown: Uganda busts suspected al Shabaab cell

Police in Kampal­a seize explos­ives, suicid­e vests

September 15, 2014

Federer propels Switzerland to Davis Cup final

World number three defeat­s Italy’s Fognin­i to set up France meet.

September 15, 2014

From a pharoah to a Hollywood star

Exhibi­tion places discov­ery of Tutank­hamun’s tomb in the politi­cal contex­t of Egypt’s strugg­le for indepe­ndence­

September 14, 2014