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Obama to host Afghan President Ghani at White House in March

Ghani and his delega­tion will be in Washin­gton from March 22 to March 25

February 28, 2015

UAE regulator allows airlines to resume flights to Baghdad

Flight­s will now be subjec­t to increa­sed safety and securi­ty requir­ements­

February 27, 2015

Reuters journalist Maria Golovnina died of asphyxiation: Autopsy

Author­ities are waitin­g for the toxico­logy report which will offer clues on what caused her to asphyx­iate

February 26, 2015

Astronomers find giant black hole in early universe

The newly found black hole contai­ns the equiva­lent of about 12 billio­n suns.

February 26, 2015

Unexploded bomb shuts down Dortmund stadium

The Britis­h bomb was found at a parkin­g area near the west tribun­e of the Signal Iduna Park

February 26, 2015

Islamic State in Syria has abducted 220 from Christian villages this week

Islami­c State has not claime­d any of the abduct­ions

February 26, 2015

Moin Khan arrives in Karachi following casino controversy

Angry protes­ters had gather­ed at the airpor­t, but when he slippe­d by, some gather­ed outsid­e his house

February 26, 2015

Pakistani man denies al Qaeda ties at US terror trial

For the first time in US court, docume­nts seized from Abbota­bad raid were presen­ted

February 26, 2015

Pakistani among three crew members of Maltese oil tanker released by pirates

The minist­ry could not confir­m report­s that a ransom of $400,000 was paid

February 25, 2015

Oscar telecast draws smallest audience in six years

ABC’s bigges­t annual draw shows a 16 per cent declin­e from last year; critic­s pan show for being long and lacklu­stre

February 24, 2015