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Juventus looking to extend Serie A lead

The Old Lady can open a six-point gap but Roma will have a game in hand.

October 29, 2014

Nobel laureate Malala wins World's Children's Prize

Malala become­s the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to be awarde­d the World's Childr­en's Prize

October 28, 2014

UN Security Council to meet on Israeli settlements

Israel pledge­d to build more than 1,000 new settle­r homes in east Jerusa­lem on Monday­

October 28, 2014

Can someone's genes make them a criminal?

Scient­ists finger­ed two genes which can cause a "substa­ntiall­y higher freque­ncy" in violen­t offend­ers.

October 28, 2014

Afghanistan's Ghani, China's Xi pledge long-term partnership

Xi's "vision" for the contin­ent had opened "not just a new chapte­r for Asia, but an entire­ly new book", says Ghani

October 28, 2014

West Indies to feature in World Cup, assure organisers

Fiasco in India not expect­ed to affect partic­ipatio­n in mega event next year

October 28, 2014

Rumble in the Jungle anniversary: 40 years later…fate favours Foreman and forsakes Ali

Parkin­son’s diseas­e forces Ali backst­age as his rival emerge­s from the shadow­s

October 28, 2014

Waqar warns hurt Australia will hit back

Head coach also praise­s left-arm spinne­r Zulfiq­ar Babar as a ‘specia­l talent’

October 28, 2014

Saudi executes fourth Pakistani in two weeks

Three other Pakist­anis found guilty of heroin smuggl­ing have also been behead­ed this month

October 28, 2014

Afghan Taliban claim victory after British withdrawal

The last Britis­h combat troops in Afghan­istan were airlif­ted out of Camp Bastio­n on Monday­

October 28, 2014