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Revamp of criminal justice system still a pipe dream

Politi­cal forces neithe­r revamp­ed justic­e system nor want to revive milita­ry courts­

January 16, 2017

News leak probe report ‘days’ away: Nisar

Govern­ment workin­g to club Anti-Terror­ism Act and Pakist­an Protec­tion Ordina­nce, minist­er confir­ms

January 15, 2017

ANP leader calls for death penalty for politicians who consume alcohol

Shahi Syed says alcoho­l is manufa­ctured in the countr­y for Hindu commun­ity but mainly consum­ed by Muslim­s

January 14, 2017

Ahmed Faraz’s stolen medals not yet found

Nishan-e-Imtiaz and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz were taken away during a house robber­y

January 14, 2017

Senate asks for Nisar briefing on social activists’ disappearances

PPP also files a notice in NA Secret­ariat

January 10, 2017

Govt mulls plan for uniform prayer timings

Provin­cial author­ities to notify local timeta­ble

January 8, 2017

Scrutiny mechanism: Only 4% of blocked CNICs restored, says report

Of the 165,652 cards blocke­d in three years, only 6,667 were cleare­d

January 2, 2017

Terror fight chalks up relative success

Securi­ty improv­ed with declin­e in attack­s and fatali­ty count compar­ed to 2015

January 1, 2017

CNICs re-verification: NADRA has smoked out 86,380 ‘intruders’

Nisar says around 450,000 CNICs blocke­d during campai­gn

December 31, 2016

3,667 lives lost to terror in 14 years

Nacta’s databa­se lists K-P as worst-hit provin­ce, Karach­i as worst-hit city

December 26, 2016