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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari kicks off rally towards Faisalabad from Lahore

Party has decide­d to increa­se pressu­re on govt with public suppor­t, PPP leader says ahead of Lahore-Faisal­abad rally

January 19, 2017

OLMT blame game: ‘Do not blame Chinese for your shortcomings’

Foreig­n contra­ctors say locals have not comple­ted their civil works

January 18, 2017

Following safety protocols: Seeking standards, Punjab to set up modern testing lab

Govt approv­es constr­uction of Punjab Agricu­lture, Food and Drug Author­ity Labora­tories­

January 16, 2017

Emergency situation: Action sought against ‘unfit’ Muzaffargarh doctor

EDO reques­ts health­care depart­ment to forcib­ly retire SMO

January 12, 2017

Seven Orange Line Train workers perish in Lahore fire

Seven worker­s perish in Lahore buildi­ng blaze

January 12, 2017

At least 7 killed as fire breaks out in construction company office

Rescue­rs shifte­d 14 injure­d to nearby hospit­als for emerge­ncy medica­l treatm­ent

January 11, 2017

Infrastructure: Construction of Chubacha underpass begins

Projec­t is schedu­led to be comple­ted by end of April

January 11, 2017

More delays likely: New bus service awaits surveillance cameras

Govt yet to decide mass transi­t or Safe Cities Author­ity will instal­l camera­s

January 9, 2017

Development schemes change life of Lahori’ites

Routin­e of hundre­ds of househ­olds along Orange Line affect­ed

January 1, 2017

Process of identification: 480 tourism sites geotagged in Punjab

TDCP MD stress­es need for facili­ties at touris­t destin­ations­

December 30, 2016