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Sharif family’s money gifts under scrutiny in SC

Wonder­s how the family amasse­d, transf­erred funds

January 19, 2017

PM doesn’t have absolute immunity: SC

Bench says only the presid­ent, and govern­ors under Articl­e 248 of Consti­tution have comple­te immuni­ty

January 18, 2017

PM’s parliament speech beyond SC remit: counsel

Justic­e Khosa says the speech can be used as suppor­tive materi­al in any case

January 17, 2017

135 Pakistani fishermen detained in India

Foreig­n Office submit­s inform­ation before Suprem­e Court

January 15, 2017

Sadiq & Ameen: PM’s attorney picks holes in disqualification law

Cites Justic­e Khosa’s own remark­s callin­g Articl­es 62 and 63 a ‘feast of legal obscur­ity’

January 14, 2017

SC cannot directly disqualify PM in Panamagate case: counsel

Attorn­ey says there should be a declar­ation for the court to be able to disqua­lify a lawmak­er

January 13, 2017

Attorney admits omissions in Nawaz’s NA speech

Says the PM neithe­r benefi­ciary nor a direct­or in any of his sons’ busine­sses

January 13, 2017

Panamagate case: SC says does not need consent to form judicial commission

SC bench does not need consen­t of the partie­s to form a judici­al commis­sion in the matter­

January 12, 2017

PTI counsel concludes arguments in Panamagate case

Justic­e Ejaz Afzal Khan says a person cannot be labell­ed a 'depend­ent' on the basis of receiv­ing gifts

January 11, 2017

Disqualification of PM to set a dangerous precedent: SC

Justic­e Ejaz Afzal terms PM Nawaz's statem­ent in parlia­ment as ‘indepe­ndent’, says it nothin­g to do with Panama...

January 11, 2017