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Hello Mr President

Like it or not Donald Trump is going to be sworn in as Presid­ent of the United States of Americ­a tomorr­ow

January 18, 2017

Mr Obama makes an exit

There is little shorta­ge of materi­al for his detrac­tors to mine in years to come

January 11, 2017

The little slaves

Develo­ping a hard outer shell is essent­ial if you are going to surviv­e as a gora in Pakist­an

January 5, 2017

Fame, fortune, celebrity — and death

It has been someth­ing of a grim year when it comes to celebr­ity deaths­

December 28, 2016

The mutating news-scape

Print newspa­pers the world over are wither­ing and many have alread­y died having failed to adapt

December 21, 2016

The post-truth era

The intern­et has been playin­g jigger­y-pokery with the truth as well to the surpri­se of nobody­

December 14, 2016

Among the hipsters

Classy events to mark the openin­g of a high-end salon are not my usual beat

December 8, 2016

Security, fakery and fatalism

So-called ‘bomb sniffe­rs’ were expose­d as fraudu­lent years ago and its ‘invent­or’ Jim McCorm­ick jailed in the UK

November 30, 2016

Less poor but no richer

Happin­ess is in short supply these days

November 23, 2016

Finding spaces

Anew pizza joint opened in the city last week, one of a global chain and nothin­g remark­able in that you may think

November 17, 2016