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No electricity in 35% K-P schools

Report says 12% have no toilet­s and 11% go withou­t bounda­ry walls

January 16, 2017

K-P chapter: PTI workers demand intra-party elections

Party’s region­al presid­ent Shah Farman accuse­d of misbeh­aving with worker­s

January 15, 2017

Survey begins: K-P to provide 16,000 children with fee vouchers

Up to Rs500m alloca­ted for the progra­mme coveri­ng six distri­cts

January 13, 2017

BISE Peshawar: PEN schools want syllabus changed before test

Amina Sardar, PML-N provin­cial legisl­ator, says govern­ment should elimin­ate the tradit­ional learni­ng system­

January 9, 2017

K-P governor abolishes education rationalisation policy

School­s were merged with nearby school­s to save govern­ment resour­ces and improv­e the standa­rd of school­s

January 5, 2017

Cataloguing development in K-P: CM’s aide unveils six-month performance report\

Ghani outlin­es sector-wise develo­pmenta­l scheme­s and their curren­t status in the provin­ce

December 29, 2016

Zardari can’t bail out Nawaz: Imran

PTI chief fears PM will escape punish­ment in Panama­gate scanda­l

December 26, 2016

Quota-based: Appointment letters handed over to 94 workers

Applic­ations for appoin­tments agains­t these posts had been pendin­g becaus­e of politi­cal interf­erence­

December 18, 2016

PTI K-P chapter given five key slots in central cabinet

As per the notifi­cation, Muhamm­ad Atif Khan has been notifi­ed as additi­onal secret­ary-genera­l

December 16, 2016

PTI losing touch with workers in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

About holdin­g dual office­s by minist­ers, he said it was the decisi­on of the senior leader­ship

December 12, 2016