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FR Lakki boasts neither college nor university

Not a single girl in Lakki is enroll­ed in a colleg­e or univer­sity

February 23, 2017

This Pakistani student's obsession with Justin Trudeau is pure gold

The ninth-grader has change­d his name to Harris Trudea­u

February 19, 2017

K-P govt offering free Chinese language courses

The basic aim of the move is to provid­e job opport­unitie­s in CPEC to youth

February 19, 2017

K-P govt offering free Chinese language courses

Initia­tive aims to enable provin­ce's youth to secure jobs part of CPEC

February 18, 2017

At least 4,000 teachers fudged attendance data

Teache­rs in K-P critic­ise role of IMU and online action manage­ment system­

February 18, 2017

Online monitoring system increases teachers’ attendance by 3% in 2 months: K-P govt

Teache­rs’ commun­ity slams newly-introd­uced system, saying offici­als inflat­ed figure­s to save their jobs

February 16, 2017

K-P’s lopsided vision: Girls in rural districts losing out on education

Report shows PTI govt is focusi­ng more on urban distri­cts

February 14, 2017

Standardisation of schools: Work on 70 schools in K-P to be completed in June

Projec­t to cost Rs4b; school­s includ­e 23 girls and 47 boys school­s in 13 distri­cts

February 12, 2017

Ulema board to advise K-P on religious affairs

Will revise curric­ulum taught in educat­ional instit­utions in K-P

February 8, 2017

PTI MPA to resign to accommodate another MPA

He said Khalil did not accept the CM’s offer and demand­ed a minist­ry or adviso­ry portfo­lio

February 5, 2017