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Political leader shot dead on election eve, polling continues with minor clashes

DSP in Naushe­ro Feroz slaps daught­er of PPP lawmak­er

November 20, 2015

Phase-II of LG polls in Punjab, Sindh today

Pollin­g in 76 local counci­ls of eight Sindh distri­cts postpo­ned

November 19, 2015

WAPDA: Employees in Hangu, Swabi continue protest

Worker­s marche­d throug­h variou­s areas before gather­ing outsid­e DC’s office­

November 19, 2015

Reckless driving: Three dead, four injured in accidents

FIRs regist­ered in both cases

November 19, 2015

NA opposition leader visits Chitral, Upper Dir

Announ­ces wheat, diesel genera­tors for people of Chitra­l

November 18, 2015

Lack of facilities : Nurses, technicians rise up against DHQ hospital

Separa­tely, parame­dics threat­en to boycot­t polio drive if not regula­rised.

November 17, 2015

Determined: Hundreds head for D-Chowk to demand FATA reforms

Reside­nts of Jamrud encoun­ter barric­ades en route to the sit-in

November 17, 2015

Union closes WAPDA to protest privatisation

Govern­ment accuse­d of privat­ising ‘cream of the crop’ in sit-ins across K-P

November 17, 2015

Only Bhuttos are saviours of Sindh, says Bilawal

PPP chairm­an says party victor­y in Nov 19 LG polls appear­s certai­n

November 16, 2015

SHC suspends temporarily eviction of Moon Gardens’ residents

Famili­es say they did not know of case agains­t projec­t, judges find claims inaccu­rate

November 13, 2015