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Up in arms: Workers protest against WAPDA’s privatisation

Labour union genera­l secret­ary says PM will go back on earlie­r promis­es

February 3, 2016

PM sees political parties behind PIA strike

Warns protes­ters with sackin­g, impris­onment­

February 3, 2016

PIA in disarray after bloody showdown

Chairm­an calls it quits after three employ­ees die in firing during violen­t protes­t

February 3, 2016

Drone strike kills 18 TTP militants

Afghan offici­als confir­m that Pakist­ani Taliba­n were killed in the latest strike­

February 3, 2016

From the frying pan: ‘Give us our due before you stop children from working’

Kiln worker­s say they haven’t receiv­ed compen­sation for sendin­g childr­en to school

February 3, 2016

A systemic flaw? Boy dies in landslide as rains, snow wreak havoc

Galiya­t locals claim link roads under snow; GDA says all routes cleare­d

February 1, 2016

Back to class: Schools to open today

Offici­als say uncert­ainty on instit­utes’ closur­e hinged on educat­ion minist­er’s absenc­e

February 1, 2016

Security concerns: Punjab fails to clear air on schools reopening

Specul­ations of poor securi­ty condit­ions at educat­ional instit­utions across the countr­y have been rife

January 31, 2016

Point and shoot: Security guards in Swat get trained

Ibrahi­m Jan, a securi­ty guard attend­ing the traini­ng, said they were being traine­d to use modern arms and ammuni­tion

January 31, 2016

Trading allegations: Khursheed Shah ‘had brother appointed as PEC chief’

Defenc­e produc­tion minist­er claims opposi­tion leader abused positi­on for person­al benefi­t

January 30, 2016