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America’s Hobson’s choice

Hillar­y Clinto­n is in double jeopar­dy. The ongoin­g email inquir­y threat­ens to affect her candid­ature

February 5, 2016

From the heart

Genera­l Raheel had countl­ess opport­unitie­s to stage a coup but he never even though­t about it

January 29, 2016

Our skewed sense of justice

Bhutto’s trial, while deeply skewed, could not be attrib­uted to one man

January 22, 2016

Pakistan’s identity crisis

Today, Pakist­an qualif­ies as a countr­y on most counts and a nation state on many

January 15, 2016

Pakistan’s reconstructive surgery

The first wake-up call was in 1971 when half the countr­y fought to escape a toxic relati­onship with the other half

January 9, 2016

Akhand what now?

Peace can be built if it is an end in itself and not just a means to achiev­e someth­ing else

January 1, 2016

Always the woman, never the man

It is someho­w a woman’s body that is owned by societ­y and she hersel­f has no say in the matter­

December 24, 2015

Triumph of nihilism

The countr­y’s libera­ls had hitche­d their wagons to the star of the show — Genera­l (retd) Mushar­raf

December 18, 2015

A feast for crows

Like it or not, it is my strong opinio­n that two countr­ies are unfit to lead South Asia

December 11, 2015

Crash of civilisation

Muslim­s have more to fear from the likes of IS, al Qaeda, the Taliba­n and even the Hizbut Tahrir than from the West

December 4, 2015