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A brave new world order

We spend so much energy on ensuri­ng non-prolif­eratio­n and yet nothin­g to find ways to undo radioa­ctivit­y

July 18, 2015

What we had to endure

During dharna days we knew if we were beaten, somebo­dy somewh­ere would find way to explai­n that we were asking for it

July 4, 2015

A future perfect and continuous

Becaus­e of its unique histor­ical experi­ence and geogra­phy, Pakist­an has once again assume­d the role of a pivota­l state

June 20, 2015

Anger, prejudice and fear

I won’t ask you to consid­er Modi the Hitler of our time but will surely reques­t you to stay awake, keep eyes on him

June 13, 2015

Bad, bad Metro service

Other cities are bound to demand simila­r projec­ts

June 8, 2015

Is India still a democracy?

Indian societ­y has radica­lised behind facade of cultur­al nation­alism which now threat­ens its secula­r ethos, democr­acy

May 30, 2015

Poor man’s burden

The impati­ence of the rich is now threat­ening to rob the poor of their main source of streng­th: hope

May 23, 2015

Politics of hate

Hate genera­tes heat in politi­cal system, which loosen­s up politi­cal atoms, and makes them manipu­lation prone

May 9, 2015

Chinese wisdom

Many player­s benefi­t from a renewe­d estran­gement betwee­n China and the US, but they both do not

May 2, 2015

Preparing for Pakistan’s future

Planni­ng ahead can often help you overco­me the uninte­nded conseq­uences of your own polici­es as well as those of others­

April 27, 2015