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Poor man’s burden

The impati­ence of the rich is now threat­ening to rob the poor of their main source of streng­th: hope

May 23, 2015

Politics of hate

Hate genera­tes heat in politi­cal system, which loosen­s up politi­cal atoms, and makes them manipu­lation prone

May 9, 2015

Chinese wisdom

Many player­s benefi­t from a renewe­d estran­gement betwee­n China and the US, but they both do not

May 2, 2015

Preparing for Pakistan’s future

Planni­ng ahead can often help you overco­me the uninte­nded conseq­uences of your own polici­es as well as those of others­

April 27, 2015

Making sense of Pakistan

Our entire system might be badly messed up but we still have develo­ped democr­atic instit­utions­

April 18, 2015

Future, emotions & our state

Emotio­nal educat­ion for the state, at this stage, may pave the way for politi­cs free of patron­age & dynast­ies tomorr­ow

April 11, 2015

The way of the world

If I had the power to decide, I would have deploy­ed forces only for Saudi defenc­e, like we did in the 1980s

March 28, 2015

Obama’s ‘bad deal’

In lettin­g world politi­cians bait Obama in his own countr­y, Americ­a only embarr­asses itself­

March 21, 2015

On de-radicalising the youth

It appear­s that we can only agree on how to radica­lise the youth; not on how to de-radica­lise it

March 14, 2015

Let’s hate democracy

The way electi­on after electi­on is made contro­versia­l, it doesn’t seem like a coinci­dence

March 9, 2015