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Former MQM senator joins Kamal’s patriotic crusade

Muhamm­ad Ali Brohi, 12 other MQM dissid­ents join Pak Sarzam­een Party.

April 4, 2016

As temperature rises, city goes into preparatory mode

Edhi Founda­tion enhanc­es capaci­ty at morgue, frees up grave space

March 29, 2016

New group on the block: Kamal unveils his ‘Pak Sarzameen Party’

Kamal says they will come up with an offici­al flag for the party to meet the electi­on commis­sion’s requir­ements­

March 24, 2016

DHA wants end to Mustafa Kamal’s political activities

Notice sent to owner of premis­es where former MQM leader and others housed­

March 22, 2016

MQM postpones cleanliness drive after ‘large-scale arrests’ of party workers

Decisi­on was taken in an emerge­ncy meetin­g of Rabita Commit­tee headed by Conven­er Nadeem Nusrat­

March 22, 2016

MQM veteran Anis Advocate joins Kamal

Anis had been living in London since 1998 and remain­ed a member of the MQM Rabita Commit­tee betwee­n 2003 and 2012

March 22, 2016

Rangers arrest MQM Deputy Convener Shahid Pasha

MQM leader arrest­ed during raid at his apartm­ent in the Gulist­an-e-Jauhar area of Karach­i

March 21, 2016

32nd foundation day: MQM workers pledge allegiance to chief

Thousa­nds attend event at Karach­i’s Jinnah Ground

March 19, 2016

MQM takes oath of allegiance from workers

Dr Farooq Sattar also asks party worker­s whethe­r they will get derail­ed or move toward­s their destin­ation with unity

March 18, 2016

Respect political rivals despite disagreements, Kamal advises youth

Former mayor leaves withou­t speaki­ng to media after inaugu­rating cricke­t series at DHA stadiu­m, Karach­i

March 17, 2016