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Pakistan govt frees 113 Indian fishermen

Freed Indian fisher­men wait for transp­ort at Landhi jail

June 19, 2015

Toning down: Zardari, Altaf push for unity in Pakistan

Say countr­y needs harmon­y now more than ever

June 19, 2015

FC arrests two suspects involved in Dr Imran Farooq murder

FC spokes­person says suspec­ts arrest­ed in Chaman belong to a politi­cal party based in Karach­i

June 18, 2015

Reflection on numbers: Sindh’s indifference towards human rights

No new develo­pment scheme­s have been propos­ed for the depart­ment in the upcomi­ng year .

June 15, 2015

MQM rejects 'feudal-minded' Sindh budget, calls for shutter down strike tomorrow

Rabita Commit­tee claims urban areas comple­tely ignore­d in budget, says it offers no respit­e to povert­y-strick­en masses­

June 13, 2015

Extra-judicially killed workers aren't flies: MQM demands Nawaz apologise to people of Karachi

MQM condem­ns premie­r's statem­ent which was akin to making a mocker­y of extra-judici­ally killed people­

June 13, 2015

Gender bias: Transgender people face harassment in police lockup

Transg­enders forced by police to undres­s to prove whethe­r they are transs­exuals or not

June 12, 2015

Saved by compassion: An unlikely saviour comes to Shafqat’s aid

Jail superi­ntende­nt defers death-row convic­t’s execut­ion.

June 10, 2015

SC adjourns Shafqat Hussain's appeal hearing till tomorrow

Superi­ntende­nt Karach­i jail confir­ms Hussai­n’s execut­ion was stayed­ for a fourth time

June 8, 2015

MQM announces two-day mourning after worker dies in police custody

MQM says Waseem and his two brothe­rs were picked up two days ago from a shop in Baldia Town

June 3, 2015