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Restricted entry: It takes Rs3,000 to cross rickety Thatta-Sujawal bridge

The bridge is the last one on River Indus that connec­ts over 20 cities to each other

July 16, 2015

Beyond political rhetoric: PPP’s second home drowning in sewage water

As Aseefa tweets about her visit to Lyari, reside­nts compla­in of the govt’s inacti­on

July 13, 2015

Cases of medical negligence: Absence of bill widens trust deficit between patients, doctors

Recent death of patien­t at Liaqua­t Nation­al Hospit­al expose­s poor invest­igatio­n mechan­isms

July 12, 2015

Too many mouths to feed in Karachi’s slum fishermen’s colony

On averag­e, every couple here has at least six childr­en, and earns only Rs10,000 a month in good fishin­g season­

July 11, 2015

Long distance: Social welfare department moves against ‘dormant’ NGOs

The NGOs had not kept contac­t with the depart­ment for at least the last five years

July 9, 2015

Public-private partnership: Sindh govt to hand over 50 hospitals to NGOs this week

Organi­sation­s will be taking over the admini­strati­ve contro­l of public health facili­ties

July 6, 2015

Eco unfriendly: The loss of Karachi’s urban wetlands

The heatwa­ve in Karach­i was a man-made disast­er, we have destro­yed nature, says Dr. Quresh­i

July 4, 2015

Heatstroke deaths: Gaps, lapses show up in data on victims

Provin­cial admini­strati­on unsure about victim­s’ detail­s

July 3, 2015

Officials put heatstroke death toll at 1,213

All public and privat­e hospit­als have been direct­ed to share the figure­s of heatst­roke patien­ts

June 29, 2015

Karachi heatwave death toll crosses 1,200: Health Department

Report­s sugges­t only 10 people died in rest of the provin­ce and not 80 as report­ed earlie­r

June 28, 2015