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Hostile communities: Polio continues to thrive in Karachi

At least 11 union counci­ls in the city were declar­ed ‘high-risk’ two years ago in 2013

October 24, 2015

Polio thrives in Karachi as communities continue to grow hostile

Health worker­s fear attack­s; ask for proact­ive, effici­ent securi­ty arrang­ements­

October 23, 2015

Masquerading as a medical doctor

Compla­ints have arisen about a non-medica­l ‘doctor’ practi­cing medici­ne at a public hospit­al

October 23, 2015

Merchants of sand, emptying out the land

A large part of Malir has been dug up to supply gravel for constr­uction sites across the city

October 21, 2015

3.5 magnitude earthquake jolts Sindh's coastal belt

Pakist­an Meteor­ologic­al Depart­ment says epicen­ter of earthq­uake was Badin

October 20, 2015

Karachi feels the bite of Sindh govt’s apathy

With the dengue threat at an all-time high, senior offici­als are happy just to conven­e meetin­gs and share statis­tics

October 20, 2015

Wildlife officials rescue 20 endangered cranes

The offici­als have rescue­d over 100 consig­nments of differ­ent birds over the last three weeks

October 16, 2015

Entangled in gillnet: Five-foot-long spinetail mobula released into sea near Pasni

These rays are known for their charis­matic beauty, gentle behavi­our, and inquis­itive playfu­l nature­

October 14, 2015

Three-day polio campaign begins in Sindh’s ‘risky’ districts

Deputy commis­sioner­s are coordi­nating with the teams to make the drive succes­sful

October 13, 2015

Set me free: ‘It feels odd that I have been arrested with birds’

Suspec­ts detain­ed in falcon smuggl­ing case decry their innoce­nce

October 11, 2015