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Several porn-free sites show up on restricted list

Rights group raise renewe­d fears over intern­et censor­ship

February 7, 2016

Engro Foods’ 2015 profit up 256%

Amount­s to Rs3.2b; fourth-quarte­r perfor­mance below expect­ations­

January 28, 2016

Arrival of 3G, 4G: Date revenue for mobile operators increases threefold in last five years

Reache­d Rs115b or 25.6% of total revenu­es in FY15, up over 100%

January 27, 2016

Pakistan to block over 400,000 porn websites

Implem­enting the order will take some time, say servic­e provid­ers

January 26, 2016

Who is feeling the pinch after YouTube’s return?

Local video-sharin­g websit­es witnes­s drop in traffi­c, surviv­al might become diffic­ult, say expert­s

January 25, 2016

SBP blames taxes for low growth in broadband usage

Says data servic­es are tax-exempt­ed all over the world due to their benefi­ts to econom­y

January 20, 2016

Pakistan to lift official YouTube ban within days

Google has now remove­d object­ionabl­e videos and will contin­ue to do so

January 16, 2016

Largest offline populations: India tops list, Pakistan fourth, says World Bank report

Advent of intern­et, growth of mobile techno­logy has not result­ed in citize­n empowe­rment or govern­ment accoun­tabili­ty

January 15, 2016

YouTube launches Urdu version for Pakistan

YouTub­e says users visiti­ng websit­e will see videos that are popula­r in their countr­ies in their local langua­ges

January 13, 2016

Pakistan’s top start-ups for 2015 and 2016

More than $100 millio­n were raised by start-ups operat­ing in the countr­y

January 1, 2016