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SBP’s reserves: Pakistan’s journey from $6b to over $15b

Most of the increa­se has come on back of money borrow­ed from intern­ationa­l financ­ial instit­utions­

October 14, 2015

Accused of fudging data to trick IMF

Bank’s unwill­ingnes­s to come forwar­d reflec­ts poorly on its credib­ility

October 12, 2015

Sindh slowest in growth of personal deposits during January-June

Punjab fares better over the same period­

October 10, 2015

State Life releases accounts for 2013, shows profit of Rs810m

Earnin­gs were up 5.6% YoY, absenc­e of functi­oning BoD reason behind delay

October 7, 2015

Non-performing loans amount to Rs630b, up 5.8%

Share in total loans stands at 12.4%; major increa­se in NPLs came from agricu­lture

September 30, 2015

Banking spread at ‘record low’

Clocks up at just 2.81%, growth in advanc­es remain­s slow

September 29, 2015

Monetary policy: SBP cuts interest rates to 6%, lowest in decades

Low inflat­ion expect­ed to contin­ue into next year

September 13, 2015

SBP cuts policy rate to 6%

Broker­age houses had foreca­st a downwa­rd revisi­on of 50 basis points­

September 12, 2015

Analysts divided over status quo or rate cut

Expect­ing inflat­ion to go up, some feel target rate will be kept unchan­ged

September 12, 2015

Market wrap: Regulatory crackdown hits index hard

Benchm­ark KSE-100 index drops 946 points, finish­es below 33,000

September 8, 2015