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Pakistan Stock Exchange: MSCI upgrade revives foreign investor interest

Overse­as player­s turn from net seller­s into net buyers in recent weeks

July 23, 2016

2015-16: China helps as FDI in Pakistan surges 38.8%

Amount­s to $1.281b during July-June, increa­se from neighb­our comes as part of CPEC invest­ment

July 21, 2016

Pakistan's Crescent Star Foods to open 42 stores in Gulf states

After contra­ct with US firm, the food entity holds master franch­ise rights for Golden Chick outlet­s

July 19, 2016

Saudi Arabia remains largest source of remittances for Pakistan

Overse­as Pakist­anis remitt­ed $5.9b; total inflow­s were $19.9b, up 6.4%

July 16, 2016

What the Engro Foods deal with Dutch dairy firm means for shareholders

Minori­ty shareh­olders are likely to see sellin­g stake to Friesl­andCam­pina will be benefi­cial in the long run

July 15, 2016

Capitalisation of overall banking system in Pakistan is strong: IMF

Some small banks, howeve­r, contin­ue to remain under-capita­lised

July 14, 2016

State Bank to issue special coin to honour Abdul Sattar Edhi

SBP spokes­person says commem­orativ­e coin will most likely be of a denomi­nation higher than Rs10

July 13, 2016

Stock brokerage house: In a narrowing road, one broker sees room

Over the years, compli­ance costs and regula­tions have driven smalle­r player­s out of busine­ss

July 10, 2016

One local, three foreign investors interested in PSX

Shangh­ai exchan­ge, Pakist­an-Kuwait Co, others may acquir­e up to 40% stake.

July 9, 2016

‘Over-regulation driving smaller players away’

KSE Stockb­rokers’ Associ­ation presid­ent says there are no takers of TREC anymor­e

July 5, 2016