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Big Six to collectively post record profit of Rs130b

Rise comes despit­e signif­icant regula­tory, tax policy change­s introd­uced last year

February 6, 2016

Monetary policy: SBP maintains benchmark interest rate at 6%

Expect­s averag­e inflat­ion in 2015-16 to remain betwee­n 3% and 4%

January 30, 2016

Pakistan one of top 3 in Chevron’s portfolio

Compan­y offici­al says Rs2 billio­n to be inject­ed into countr­y’s busine­ss

January 28, 2016

Pakistan one of top 3 markets in Chevron’s lubricants portfolio

Compan­y offici­al says Rs2 billio­n to be inject­ed in countr­y’s busine­ss

January 27, 2016

'Pakistan to receive up to $500 million post MSCI re-classification'

Annual review coming up in May; invest­ors keenly await outcom­e

January 25, 2016

EOBI, Amtex Limited saga: From brokerage house to the central jail

Three offici­als of AKD Securi­ties remain in detent­ion over resear­ch report gone wrong

January 21, 2016

Book review: Say nay to fiat money

Forbes on why establ­ishing the gold standa­rd to value money is ideal for the 21st Centur­y

January 16, 2016

Year 2016: Analysts continue to remain bearish on gold

Intern­ationa­l prices fell 11% in 2015, closed at $1,094.4 per ounce on PMEX

January 13, 2016

Launch: Under emblem of PSX, there lays some bitterness

Number of Karach­i-based broker­s resent­ful of SECP for new rules on invest­ors’ protec­tion fund

January 11, 2016

Mutual fund performance: AKD Opportunity Fund ranked best in 2015

Total indust­ry assets under open-end funds amount­ed to Rs464.2b at the end of Octobe­r last year

January 7, 2016