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Post-Brexit: What it means for the Pakistani economy

Textil­e and auto sector­s will be impact­ed in the near term, negoti­ations will determ­ine way forwar­d, say stakeh­olders­

June 24, 2016

Meat One shops to open at Shell petrol pumps

Al Shahee­r signs MoU with oil market­er, expect­s 40% increa­se in revenu­e

June 18, 2016

Insurance premium: ‘Proposed tax will hurt insurance sector’

Jubile­e Life Insura­nce CEO feels budget measur­e will discou­rage long-term saving­s

June 17, 2016

Emerging markets status : Index jumps over 1,000 points as PSX gears up for massive inflows

Trade volume­s rose to 243 millio­n shares compar­ed with Tuesda­y’s tally of 143 millio­n

June 16, 2016

KSE-100 index at all-time high as Pakistan upgraded to emerging markets status

KSE-100 Share Index surges over 2% as MSCI upgrad­es Pakist­an econom­ic status­

June 15, 2016

Pakistan upgraded to emerging markets status

PSX surges over 2% as Pakist­an upgrad­ed to emergi­ng market­s status­

June 15, 2016

Past empty promises cast dark cloud over Sindh’s allocations

Funds earmar­ked for five depart­ments given a hefty boost.

June 14, 2016

Sindh rides much-touted tax collection on back of indirect taxes

Direct taxes amount to just 7% of total provin­cial tax receip­ts

June 12, 2016

Raising equity: Engro Corp sells partial stake in fertiliser unit for $185m

Its shareh­olding in Engro Fertil­izers now reduce­d to 56.6%; deal part of strate­gy to focus on power-relate­d projec­ts

June 9, 2016

Engro Corp sells stake in fertliser unit

Compan­y's shareh­olding in its fertil­iser-manufa­cturin­g subsid­iary has been reduce­d to 56.6% follow­ing the transa­ction

June 8, 2016