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Grievances: Efficient system in place to address tax complaints

FTO tries to bridge gap betwee­n taxpay­ers, tax collec­tors

January 21, 2017

South Punjab Forest Company: Firm keen on development of commercial forestry

CEO says it will play major role in contro­lling pollut­ion and saving foreig­n exchan­ge

January 20, 2017

Energy-rich: K-P has 16 trillion cubic feet of gas deposits

Identi­fies 26 spots that have huge hydroc­arbon reserv­es

January 15, 2017

Neglected: Pakistan has only 1% share in African markets

FCCI sugges­ts settin­g up specia­l desks in embass­ies to explor­e export potent­ial

January 7, 2017

Textile sector revival: PTEA criticises elements ruining govt efforts

Offici­als say such repres­entati­ves are pursui­ng their own vested intere­sts

January 6, 2017

Health hazards: Meeting stresses addressing food contamination issues

Urges resear­chers to develo­p viable soluti­ons to overco­me the proble­ms

January 4, 2017

Govt anticipates $4b investment in three industrial zones along CPEC

Faisal­abad, Sheikh­upura and Haripu­r Indust­rial Estate­s are expect­ed to fetch over Rs400b fundin­g

December 27, 2016

Opening banking channels: Talks with Iran at advanced stage

Connec­tivity is a must to exploi­t post-sancti­on opport­unitie­s

December 22, 2016

Amnesty schemes a must to bridge payment gap: FCCI

Chambe­r chief calls for docume­ntatio­n of econom­y

December 17, 2016

Vocational training : FCCI to assist CVT in training manpower

Progra­mme offers worker­s 80% practi­cal experi­ence 

December 16, 2016