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In session: Temporary residents bill passed amidst walkout

Three bills could not be passed due to lack of quorum .

March 5, 2015

Social equality: Public schooling urged for lawmakers’ children

Jahang­ir Wattoo introd­uces amendm­ents to Child Marria­ge Restra­int Act 1929.

March 4, 2015

Punjab Assembly: Corruption rife in Agri Dept, complains MPA

Amendm­ent introd­uced to raise job quota for the disabl­ed from 2% to 3%

March 3, 2015

Punjab Assembly: Govt, Opp poles apart over judiciary’s performance

Waseem Akhtar says judici­ary has failed to dispen­se timely justic­e.

February 28, 2015

Qila Gujjar Singh attacker had circled blast site 3 times before striking: Punjab home minister

Col (retd) Shuja Khanza­da says there are 4,000 'ghost' madras­sas which are receiv­ing foreig­n fundin­g

February 24, 2015

Legislative activity: PA passes Curriculum and Textbook Board bill

Board will overse­e format­ion of educat­ion curric­ula.

February 24, 2015

By policing schools, Punjab parks budgets in the right spot

Law on free educat­ion till you are 16 years old increa­sing accoun­tabili­ty

February 23, 2015

For the love of journalism

Panell­ists opine on broadc­ast media’s ‘self destru­ct mode’.

February 23, 2015

‘Justice is necessary for there to be peace'

Asma Jahang­ir questi­ons how any govt can talk to someon­e as cruel as the Taliba­n

February 23, 2015

Regional affairs: Talking foreign policy on the road to China

Small said China’s foreig­n policy could transf­orm its foreig­n policy in the next decade.

February 22, 2015