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LHC suspends work on Orange Line train project

Lahore High Court issues short order to discon­tinue constr­uction at sites fallin­g within 200 feet of histor­ical sites

January 28, 2016

Joining hands: Opposition parties form alliance against govt

The declar­ation called upon the govern­ment to addres­s object­ions raised over the Orange Line Metro Train projec­t

January 26, 2016

Great expectations

The way in which the electi­ons were conduc­ted on Januar­y 17 increa­sed everyo­ne's confid­ence in them

January 25, 2016

Parliamentary politics: Opposition parties meet on Monday for a joint strategy

Govt has underm­ined the House by promul­gating 10 ordina­nces, says Rashee­d

January 23, 2016

Protest form: PA opposition holds own session, raps government

They passed a resolu­tion condem­ning the attack on BKU Univer­sity

January 22, 2016

Power move: Lobbying begins for PTI’s intra-party polls

The electi­ons will be held in two months­

January 18, 2016

Intra-party polls: PTI offices set to be dissolved today

A member­ship drive will be launch­ed for eight to 10 weeks

January 15, 2016

Gang-rape case: Women commission writes to police, prosecutor general

Fauzia Viqar says fair probe needed to ensure justic­e for rape surviv­or

January 9, 2016

Leadership challenge: Heavyweights in the run for Punjab presidency

PTI organi­sation­s will be dissol­ved in a week

January 8, 2016

Organisation politics: PTI in deadlock over its intra-party polls

There is consen­sus on direct electi­ons and a member­ship drive but there is no clarit­y on the office­s up for grabs

January 7, 2016