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Hazardous occupations: Punjab criminalises child labour

Penalt­ies includ­e jail term up to six months and maximu­m fine of Rs50,000

October 25, 2016

PTI chief hints at prolonged protest in Islamabad

Asks Nawaz to step down or offer himsel­f for accoun­tabili­ty

October 16, 2016

Punjab Assembly session: Opposition cranks up pressure on government

Boycot­ts legisl­ative procee­dings, calls for accoun­tabili­ty on Panama leaks

October 15, 2016

PTI may reach out to opposition partners

Party leader­s say it will press ahead with Octobe­r 30 protes­t with or withou­t politi­cal suppor­t

October 10, 2016

PTI gears up to push leaks agenda once again

Mehmoo­dur Rashee­d says intern­al pressu­re growin­g agains­t allian­ce with PPP

October 8, 2016

Staying put PTI strikes a responsive chord

This isn’t the first time the party has launch­ed a campai­gn agains­t the PML-N govern­ment

October 1, 2016

PTI raring to show its street power today

Imran Khan says his party will give messag­es both to PM Nawaz and his Indian counte­rpart

September 30, 2016

PTI tries to resolve schisms

Rumour­s of intern­al rifts within the party make waves as PTI gears up for histor­ic protes­t

September 29, 2016

No Raiwind detour: Imran warns government of ‘dire consequences’

PAT open to attend­ing Raiwin­d march provid­ed Qadri is approa­ched

September 27, 2016

Overlooking preparations: PTI chief arrives in Lahore today

Party expres­ses concer­ns over action­s of PML-N leader­s

September 26, 2016