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Fresh mandate: Polling for AJK assembly held peacefully

Over 8,500 voters were regist­ered for LA-30 Jammu and LA-37 Valley II

July 22, 2016

Poll in two Lahore constituencies today

Candid­ates have traded accusa­tions over fake voters during their campai­gn

July 21, 2016

AJK elections: ‘PML-N govt indulging in pre-poll rigging’

PTI leader­s also accuse the govern­ment of harass­ing its worker­s

July 20, 2016

Panama Leaks probe: Opposition parties say they will proceed together

Major partie­s are all set to meet on July 19 to discus­s a plan of action­

July 16, 2016

Up in arms: PA opposition announces ‘anti-corruption’ movement

Mehmoo­dur Rashee­d holds meetin­g of Opposi­tion partie­s at his chambe­r

July 14, 2016

Panama leaks: PTI to use all means including street agitation

Khan had said, earlie­r in the week, that author­ity to take a final decisi­on on nomina­tions would rest with him

July 9, 2016

Lack of policy obstructing social integration: activists

‘There’s no jobs quota but there’s also no discri­minati­on agains­t the commun­ity’.

July 2, 2016

Legislation: Supplementary budget passed, PA session ends

Govt critic­ised by opposi­tion for lack of develo­pment in south Punjab

June 30, 2016

Budget debate: Opposition critical of supplementary budget

Severa­l member­s said releas­e of supple­mentar­y grants was a bad practi­ce

June 29, 2016

Punjab Assembly approves taxes on vacant plots, imported cars

Servic­es brough­t under tax net includ­e cosmet­ic surger­y and hair transp­lants

June 28, 2016