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Landmark move: Rabbani bans Khawaja Asif’s entry into Senate

Seeks to ‘teach absent minist­ers a lesson’ by making an exampl­e of defenc­e minist­er

January 22, 2016

Raza Rabbani bars Khawaja Asif from attending Senate sessions

Senate chairm­an also issues four warnin­gs to minist­ers who remain­ed absent from the upper house of parlia­ment sessio­ns

January 21, 2016

Parts of Punjab, K-P and Islamabad without electricity as grid stations trip

Parlia­ment House also experi­ences outage for a minute during Senate, NA procee­dings

January 21, 2016

Senate seeks oversight body for NAP

Upper and lower houses of parlia­ment condem­n Charsa­dda carnag­e

January 21, 2016

Parliament should make decisions, not APCs: opposition

Aitzaz says discus­sion in the house is impera­tive

January 20, 2016

Aziz hits back at Obama over negative Pakistan forecast

Urges US to analys­e its own role that led to instab­ility in the region­

January 19, 2016

Senate to accept citizens’ complaints against MPs

Commit­tee on ethics will vote whethe­r or not a member has violat­ed the code

January 18, 2016

Senate’s code of conduct draft stirs controversy

Some senato­rs questi­on the need for the code of conduc­t

January 15, 2016

Islamising laws: In a first, Senate debates CII annual report

Some senato­rs argue agains­t the existe­nce of the body

January 13, 2016

Government says no to Rs2 billion for counter-terrorism

Reject­s opposi­tion’s resolu­tion seekin­g Rs2b for the body

January 12, 2016