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After initial denials, government confirms release of TTP prisoners

Minist­ry of Interi­or confir­ms that 19 'non-combat­ants' were releas­ed over seven days.

April 3, 2014

The TV election: A breakdown of how political parties advertised on the airwaves

The PPP alone ran 26,237 televi­sion advert­isemen­ts during the May 2013 electi­ons.

April 3, 2014

Interior ministry’s reply: Govt ‘unable’ to take Musharraf’s name off ECL

Cites pronou­ncemen­ts of superi­or courts, pendin­g cases, public intere­st as reason­s.

April 3, 2014

Tricky matter: PM consults aides on Musharraf travel restrictions

No decisi­on taken on removi­ng ex-milita­ry ruler’s name from ECL; PML-N’s senior member­s meet again today.

April 2, 2014

National Assembly session: Gen Musharraf’s indictment a ‘defining moment in history’

Govt renews offer to bring Mushar­raf’s mother back.

April 1, 2014

Release of ‘non-combatants’: Govt weighing options on crucial TTP demand

Negoti­ator says those held withou­t eviden­ce should be releas­ed.

March 31, 2014

Fledgling peace process: Ceasefire won’t end on March 31, says Sami

Denies deadlo­ck in peace talks; govt seeks more time for the releas­e of TTP ‘non-combat­ants’.

March 30, 2014

National Assembly session: MPs overlook first direct TTP-govt dialogue in house

Opposi­tion questi­ons $1.5b aid, stages token walkou­t.

March 28, 2014

Coincidence: Child marriage bill not a reaction to CII ruling: Marvi Memon

Says her party cannot even think of introd­ucing ‘un-Islami­c’ legisl­ation.

March 27, 2014

Marvi says child marriage bill will seek support from Islamic scholars

I would never dream of bringi­ng an un-Islami­c law to Parlia­ment: Marvi Memon.

March 26, 2014