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Damning BBC report: Govt to get to the bottom of charges against MQM

Nisar says Pakist­an to ask UK for access to key inform­ation

June 26, 2015

Deaths in Karachi: Opposition to observe ‘black day’ on 26th

The meetin­g decide­s to stage a walkou­t from the house for the second consec­utive day in protes­t agains­t the govern­ment

June 24, 2015

NA session: Opposition decries power outages

Stages walkou­t over unanno­unced load-sheddi­ng in Ramaza­n

June 23, 2015

Fresh assessment: NA body to be updated on Pak-Afghan ties

Commit­tee on foreig­n affair­s to also take up issue of rising number of Pakist­anis being convic­ted abroad­

June 22, 2015

PTI asks PPP to withdraw Zardari’s statement

PTI leader Jahang­ir Tareen says party decide­d agains­t attend­ing Zardar­i's iftar dinner to protes­t agains­t his speech­

June 20, 2015

Govt seeks unified start of Ramazan across country

Yousuf had talked with religi­ous schola­rs in K-P about the latest equipm­ent used for moon-sighti­ng

June 15, 2015

Govt launches efforts to synchronise start of Ramazan

Religi­ous Affair­s Minist­er Sardar Yousuf contac­ts K-P religi­ous counte­rpart, local religi­ous schola­rs

June 14, 2015

Assembly boycott: Imran waits on JC verdict

PTI chief still undeci­ded about the legiti­macy of the federa­l legisl­ature.

June 14, 2015

Unanimous statement: Lawmakers slam Indian vitriol

Warn that Delhi’s campai­gn can stall region­al peace prospe­cts and dent Islama­bad’s anti-terror drive

June 12, 2015

Economic corridor: PPP asks govt to complete western route first

PPP's Farhat­ullah Babar argues projec­t will become contro­versia­l if govern­ment doesn't honour its commit­ment

June 11, 2015