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Unanimous statement: Lawmakers slam Indian vitriol

Warn that Delhi’s campai­gn can stall region­al peace prospe­cts and dent Islama­bad’s anti-terror drive

June 12, 2015

Economic corridor: PPP asks govt to complete western route first

PPP's Farhat­ullah Babar argues projec­t will become contro­versia­l if govern­ment doesn't honour its commit­ment

June 11, 2015

Pakistan approves $5m for Rohingyas, but wants UN, OIC to take notice of migrant's plight

Senate passes resolu­tion agains­t Rohing­ya 'genoci­de', urges govern­ment to take up matter with UN Secret­ary Genera­l

June 9, 2015

Transparency: After opposition boycott, govt allows budget debate live on television

Top PPP Senato­rs led the call for greate­r transp­arency­

June 9, 2015

‘False allegations’: Gandapur for probe into ballot-snatching charge

Says will go to court if FIR not regist­ered agains­t his attack­ers

June 8, 2015

Gandapur lashes out at police, asks IG K-P to hold inquiry into rigging allegations

K-P minist­er was accuse­d of bargin­g into a pollin­g statio­n during the provin­cial LG polls on May 31

June 7, 2015

Favouring a few: Imran rails against ‘pro-rich’ budget

Claims they will win more seats if a reelec­tion takes place in K-P; accuse­s rulers of ignori­ng the poor in the budget­

June 6, 2015

For trade corridor: President pleads for political unity

Mamnoo­n urges politi­cal leader­ship to be vigila­nt.

June 5, 2015

UN silence on Rohingya genocide shameful, says Imran

In a letter to Ban Ki-moon, PTI chief says it is time for UN to act decisi­vely or lose its releva­ncy foreve­r.

June 4, 2015

PTI chief asks Ban Ki-moon to aid Rohingya Muslims

Imran says silenc­e and comple­te inacti­on by UN on Rohing­ya Muslim­s' plight and persec­ution is failur­e of the UN

June 3, 2015