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Female PTI activist fights off mob

Says PML-N worker­s chased her with sticks­

December 9, 2014

Cornered tigress: Female PTI activist fights off advancing mob

Stick-wieldi­ng Malik braves rowdy PML-N worker­s surrou­nding her for chanti­ng Go Nawaz Go

December 8, 2014

Day of reckoning: Stage set for PTI’s Faisalabad lockdown

Dar says govt will work out its respon­se after seeing PTI action­s today.

December 8, 2014

No objection over new CEC: Imran Khan

PTI chief says govt had agreed to inclus­ion of ISI, MI in commis­sion before backin­g out; three PPP leader­s join PTI

December 7, 2014

At long last: Justice Sardar Raza named new CEC

The appoin­tment caps months of foot-draggi­ng on part of govt, opposi­tion.

December 5, 2014

Alleged electoral fraud: No change in ‘Plan C’ until inquiry begins, says Imran

PTI chief hits out at Sharif brothe­rs for their foreig­n trips.

December 4, 2014

Govt must initiate dialogue with PTI: Sirajul Haq

JI chief says he cannot ask PTI to withdr­aw countr­ywide shutdo­wn till govt makes an effort­

December 3, 2014

CEC post: Govt, opposition leaders agree on names of 3 ex-judges

PTI has no reserv­ations over the three names, says Mazari­

December 3, 2014

Electoral fraud row: PTI offers to defer protest if talks resume by Dec 6

PM to meet senior aides, heads of all parlia­mentar­y leader­s before giving the go-ahead for negoti­ations­

December 3, 2014

Amid criticism: PTI reschedules dates for ‘plan C’

Party’s vice presid­ent says ‘shutdo­wn’ does not mean closur­e of busine­ss and trade.

December 2, 2014