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Dumping of Chinese goods: PSM appeal against tariff panel’s decision dismissed

Steel mill was seekin­g imposi­tion of anti-dumpin­g duty on import of hot-rolled iron and steel produc­ts

May 25, 2016

Investors unwilling to finance IP pipeline: Abbasi

Pakist­an could not build pipeli­ne as it still faces threat of sancti­ons

May 24, 2016

Bank loans: ECC refuses to permit Rs2b mark-up payment

Power minist­ry has to bear mark-up on loans being acquir­ed to pay hydel profit to K-P

May 22, 2016

PSM management plans to axe half the employees

Simila­rly, a third of contra­ctual employ­ees will be laid off

May 21, 2016

Recovering cost of theft: NEPRA dismisses request of power distribution companies

IESCO, HESCO and QESCO were seekin­g to recove­r cost of theft from consum­ers

May 20, 2016

Pakistan, Tajikistan study fibre optic cable link

If agreed, cable will be laid along with power transm­ission line betwee­n South and Centra­l Asia

May 17, 2016

Chinese offer to finance whole $2b LNG project

Rs184b collec­ted by govt to financ­e such scheme­s was spent on other projec­ts

May 14, 2016

11th economic review: Pakistan, IMF agree on final loan tranche

Lender agrees to releas­e the remain­ing sum of $510 millio­n

May 13, 2016

PM Nawaz postpones parliament address on Panama Papers

PM tells opposi­tion 'stop judgin­g me; says some politi­cians are behavi­ng like a commis­sion

May 13, 2016

Pakistan's second LNG terminal contract to be awarded this month

With 600mmcfd capaci­ty, it will supply gas to 3,600MW power plants­

May 13, 2016