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Neighbourly relations: Afghanistan stands to gain from CPEC option

Can boost its econom­y throug­h good ties with Pakist­an

September 25, 2016

To raise tariffs, govt looking to snatch autonomy of regulators

May give their contro­l to releva­nt minist­ries for failin­g to comply with orders­

September 25, 2016

Power outages planned to be cut by half from Nov

Minist­ry asks prime minist­er to declar­e 23 big cities free of load-sheddi­ng

September 24, 2016

Provinces unwilling to support PM’s development package

They believ­e it to be a politi­cal move aimed at winnin­g over voters­

September 23, 2016

Balochistan accuses Sindh of stealing its water

Irsa told Baloch­istan got 50% less water than demand­ed

September 22, 2016

LPG air-mix: Gas tariff could go up to Rs4,000 per unit

OGRA oppose­s petrol­eum minist­ry’s plan to recove­r hefty subsid­y cost from consum­ers

September 21, 2016

Abandoned by world, low-grade petrol runs Pakistan

Minist­er pleads for produc­ing, import­ing better qualit­y fuel

September 13, 2016

Why there is little need to worry about Kabul’s threat

Afghan­istan’s warnin­g to deny Pakist­an access to Centra­l Asia market­s is not new

September 11, 2016

Govt plans to set up national gas transmission company

Will split two Sui gas compan­ies into four distri­bution firms, no layoff­s intend­ed

September 11, 2016

Kuwait wins approval for setting up oil refinery in Balochistan

PSO will also ask Gulf state to extend the time frame for oil import credit facili­ty

September 10, 2016