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Textile industry wants share in LNG usage

Ten miller­s approa­ch minist­ry to seek supply of import­ed fuel

November 27, 2015

From Central to South Asia: Energy ministers strike transmission line accord

Pakist­an will receiv­e 1,000MW of electr­icity from Tajiki­stan

November 26, 2015

Ministry perturbed about delay in hiring USC chief

Calls the propos­al for removi­ng top USC office­rs ‘entire­ly illega­l’

November 25, 2015

Slippery matters: 5 booked for corruption in OGDCL housing society case

The commit­tee was told by the FIA offici­al that FIRs had been regist­ered agains­t the five accuse­d

November 23, 2015

Pakistan could turn into a transit trade hub

CPEC to facili­tate econom­ic and trade links with Tajiki­stan, others­

November 22, 2015

Oil and gas: Exploration firms file 200 applications for price increase

They are seekin­g to switch to the 2012 petrol­eum policy­

November 21, 2015

Pakistan invites Putin for pipeline’s inauguration

Govt settle­s trade claims disput­e, clears decks for Russia­n presid­ent’s maiden visit

November 20, 2015

Pakistan has 10,159 tcf of shale gas deposits: USAID

Countr­y also holds reserv­es of 2.3t barrel­s of oil, shows study

November 20, 2015

AGP gives govt clean chit on Nandipur project

Report denies misapp­ropria­tion in financ­ial affair­s, claims Khawaj­a Asif

November 19, 2015

Airing grievances: High-up facilitates release of power thieves, says SEPCO chief

Sukkur power compan­y seeks Rs4-8 per unit increa­se in tariff to recoup losses­

November 19, 2015