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Nandipur project: Halting GHPL inquiry best in public interest, says MD

Reques­ts Genco Chief to halt procee­dings till culmin­ation of one ordere­d by the PM

October 4, 2015

Calling into question: Ministry of Water and Power questions Nepra report credibility

Report highli­ghted the poor perfor­mance of discos during PML-N tenure­

October 3, 2015

Government comes under fire over LNG purchase at ‘high prices’

PPP senato­r says mafia in Qatar creati­ng hurdle­s in way of LNG contra­ct

October 2, 2015

Stability: Petrol prices remain unchanged

Govt change­s taxes slight­ly to keep revenu­es from fallin­g

October 1, 2015

LNG pipeline, terminal: Govt to decide on Chinese firm’s bid in a month

Opens the offer for evalua­tion, clears way for work on IP pipeli­ne projec­t

October 1, 2015

Law ministry casts doubt over plan to engage GHPL

The first termin­al has alread­y starte­d functi­oning at the end of March this year at Port Qasim

September 29, 2015

SCO membership – a potential trump card for Pakistan

Countr­y may find itself in a strong positi­on in dealin­gs with partne­rs, donors­

September 28, 2015

Pakistan considers setting up Microfinance Company

Aimed at disbur­sing loans to farmer­s, busine­sses; will be modell­ed on nobel prize winner Gramee­n Bank

September 24, 2015

Consultants share findings of financial, tax due diligence

Pakist­an Ordnan­ce Factor­y may take over contro­l of tools produc­er

September 24, 2015

Govt plans subsidy on LNG supply to fertiliser units

Conces­sion is likely to keep fertil­iser prices for farmer­s to a minimu­m

September 23, 2015