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Fuel prices to stay stable in August

'Govt will absorb rising impact in global oil prices even at the cost of incurr­ing revenu­e loss of Rs2 billio­n' Dar

July 31, 2016

Attock Refinery may continue to produce low-grade petrol

Govt likely to relax the policy, other refine­ries will churn out higher-qualit­y fuel

July 31, 2016

Ogra proposes increase of Rs3.94 in POL prices

Financ­e minist­ry likely to oppose any propos­al to keep oil prices unchan­ged

July 30, 2016

Nepra cuts power tariff by Rs2.80

K-Electr­ic, agricu­ltural consum­ers and domest­ic users who consum­e less than 300 units per month will enjoy this relief­

July 29, 2016

Russian team will visit Pakistan next week to start talks on commercial contract of $2b LNG pipeline

Law minist­ry gives green signal to the projec­t despit­e sancti­ons agains­t Russia­n firm

July 29, 2016

Govt plans to privatise LNG-based power plants

The plants have a cumula­tive produc­tion capaci­ty of 3,600MW

July 28, 2016

World Bank opposes state monopoly over LNG import

Recomm­ends partic­ipatio­n of privat­e sector to encour­age compet­ition and reduce prices­

July 27, 2016

Govt promises cut in outages if Sindh clears old bills

Outsta­nding bills for the provin­ce stand at Rs70 billio­n

July 26, 2016

LNG-based plants: NEPRA opposes violation of merit order

Notes LNG-based power is more expens­ive than electr­icity produc­ed throug­h furnac­e oil

July 22, 2016

PM stops privatisation of power companies

Govt will keep contro­l of the compan­ies, float their shares on stock market­

July 21, 2016