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Khuhro dares Centre to impose governor’s rule in Sindh

Provin­cial assemb­ly skips issue of Ranger­s powers amid opposi­tion’s protes­t

December 15, 2015

PM steps in to resolve row over Rangers’ special powers

In late-night phone call, Nawaz assure­s Sindh CM their grieva­nces will be addres­sed

December 14, 2015

In office, without office: Chairmen without chairs

Newly-electe­d LG repres­entati­ves find they have no powers, financ­es or even places to sit

December 14, 2015

Police withdraw terror charges against Dr Asim

An anti-terror­ism court is expect­ed to transf­er his custod­y to the Nation­al Accoun­tabili­ty Bureau (NAB) on Friday­

December 11, 2015

Government in conundrum over Rangers powers

Law makes it mandat­ory to ratify powers with assemb­ly, making previo­us action­s illega­l

December 10, 2015

Sindh chief minister changes tack on Rangers powers

Govt not to extend parami­litary force’s specia­l powers throug­h execut­ive order

December 9, 2015

Strange bedfellows: PPP, PML-N manoeuvre to take control of half of Karachi

The likely allian­ce will also instal­l a joint chairm­an and deputy chairm­an for the Distri­ct Counci­l

December 9, 2015

Govt won’t surrender Karachi operation gains

PM says Sindh has benefi­tted the most from the exerci­se

December 8, 2015

Military police, Rangers attackers arrested, Sindh police chief tells PM

PM, army chief co-chair law and order meetin­g in the metrop­olis

December 7, 2015

PPP receives cold shoulder from its ‘strongholds’

PML-N makes inroad­s in Lyari and Malir by entici­ng voters with promis­es of peace.

December 7, 2015