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Sindh govt goes international

Minist­er Sharje­el Memon living in Dubai for last three months, runs depart­ment's affair­s from there

October 13, 2015

CM approves helicopter surveillance, ban on pillion-riding during Muharram

CM Sindh urges intell­igence agenci­es, Ranger­s and police to be vigila­nt of banned outfit­s surfac­ing with new names

October 12, 2015

The fisherwoman who has dared to challenge the ‘big fish’

Fed up of being ignore­d by politi­cians, this woman has decide­d to take things into her own hands

October 11, 2015

LG elections: Opposition parties demand army deployment

Party leader­s claim PPP making all effort­s to rig the polls

October 9, 2015

Illegal appointments: Anti-corruption team swoops down on education board

BSEK has appoin­ted twice the number of employ­ees it needs, claims offici­al

October 2, 2015

MQM legislators getting salaries even after resigning

Lawmak­ers yet to surren­der offici­al vehicl­es, fuel allowa­nce, other perks

October 1, 2015

Sindh prepares law to outwit NAB, FIA

Law minist­er explai­ns bill aimed to create accoun­tabili­ty mechan­ism at provin­cial level

September 29, 2015

Skin deep: Sindh govt wants a cut in earnings from animal hides

Welfar­e organi­sation­s snub LG minist­er’s instru­ctions to set aside funds for victim­s of terror­

September 24, 2015

Dubai huddle: PPP to resist federal ‘interference’ in Sindh

To raise federa­l agenci­es’ raids in assemb­lies, public meetin­gs

September 20, 2015

Dynastic politics: Going back on their word

Family member­s of PPP parlia­mentar­ians to contes­t LG electi­ons on party ticket­s

September 18, 2015