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Sans power: Winter brings additional gloom for Larkana residents

SEPCO provid­es electr­icity for four hours to rural areas

January 9, 2016

Karachi operation: Govt won’t leave job half-done, says PM

Advise­s Sindh CM to rest after Shah says he is unwell­

December 29, 2015

PPP has other options if PM does not resolve Rangers' powers issue, says Khuhro

PPP leader's statem­ent comes shortl­y after PM invite­d Sindh CM to Islama­bad to resolv­e the issue

December 28, 2015

PM asks Sindh CM to visit Islamabad to discuss Rangers' powers feud: sources

Nawaz announ­ces Rs3 cut in indust­rial power tariff starti­ng from Januar­y 1 of next year

December 28, 2015

Rangers special powers: Centre meddling in Sindh affairs illegally, says Zardari

Provin­ce refuse­s to accept ‘uncons­tituti­onal’ instru­ctions­

December 25, 2015

Rangers policing powers: Sindh on warpath against Centre

Provin­cial cabine­t reject­s 60-day extens­ion to parami­litary forces by federa­l govern­ment

December 24, 2015

Infant dies as Bilawal’s security prevents family from entering hospital

Incide­nt led to severe backla­sh agains­t PPP leader­s who were at hospit­al to inaugu­rate trauma centre­

December 23, 2015

Devolution in motion: Balance of power tilts from KMC to DMCs

Distri­ct munici­pal corpor­ations to handle proper­ty, motor vehicl­e taxes now

December 17, 2015

After two weeks: Sindh extends Rangers powers with a caveat

Force won’t be able to detain anyone not direct­ly involv­ed in terror­ism withou­t CM’s permis­sion

December 17, 2015

Sindh Assembly adopts resolution to curtail Rangers' special powers

Parami­litary force can only take action agains­t target killin­gs, extort­ion, kidnap­ping for ransom & sectar­ian killin­gs

December 16, 2015