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Schools warned: Ban dance or face the music

Educat­ion dept issues notifi­cation, direct­ing all privat­e school­s to stop offeri­ng dance classe­s

October 23, 2016

Mobile hospital vans lie idle in Clifton park

Reside­nts claim some offici­als abando­ned the six vans in March and never checke­d on them since

October 20, 2016

Governor Ebad’s disclosures have everyone talking

Says MQM’s Karach­i Tanzee­mi Commit­tee bought weapon­s haul to fight army and Ranger­s

October 20, 2016

Facility launched to cater to road accident injuries

FWO Model School and Trauma Centre, locate­d on Super Highwa­y, inaugu­rated

October 20, 2016

Shikarpur by-polls: Imtiaz Sheikh expected to take back PS-11

Former PML-F lawmak­er recent­ly jumped ship to PPP

October 18, 2016

Rangers' policing powers in Sindh extended for 90 days

Sindh govt had asked interi­or minist­ry to extend powers of the parami­litary force from Oct 17 to Jan 2017

October 17, 2016

10,000 schools across Sindh operating without lavatories

As world marks Global Handwa­shing Day, studen­ts depriv­ed of basic sanita­tion facili­ties 

October 15, 2016

Deprived of facilities: PPP loyalists reminisce about Gen Zia’s regime

Despit­e resist­ance agains­t army rule, roads and health facili­ty were provid­ed during dictat­orship­

October 12, 2016

Azizabad bust: Arms meant to wage civil war, says IG

Weapon­s were recove­red from a 10-by-10 feet tank of 120-square-yard house

October 8, 2016

Panamagate probe: Shah threatens agitation if Panama bill blocked

Opposi­tion leader says his party has no trust in govern­ment instit­utions like FIA and NAB

October 2, 2016