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Stepping down: PML-N minister from Sindh resigns on ‘differences with PM’

Abdul Hakeem Baloch says minist­ry of commun­icatio­ns run from PM Secret­ariat

May 27, 2016

Wi Fi, CCTV and solar lights yet to be installed in Karachi

Sharje­el Memon made headli­nes by signin­g MoUs for these servic­es

May 26, 2016

Schools in Sindh to close a week earlier for summer vacations

Privat­e School­s Manage­ment Associ­ation reject­s educat­ion secret­ary's holida­y announ­cement­

May 19, 2016

LG polls process: ECP sets June 8 for Sindh mayoral elections

Candid­ates can file nomina­tion papers from May 23

May 19, 2016

Opposition scents victory after top court’s decision

Partie­s call meetin­g before PM’s addres­s in parlia­ment on Monday­

May 14, 2016

Abuse of authority: Govt officials consuming water but fail to pay for it

CM House, Govern­or House, airpor­t securi­ty and other VIPs owe Rs23m to KWSB

May 13, 2016

Sindh Police to hire 20,000 army-trained cops

Provin­cial apex commit­tee meets at CM House to discus­s need to restor­e peace in Karach­i

May 12, 2016

Sanghar residents dying a slow death

Four dozen water supply scheme­s in the area have been non-functi­onal since incept­ion

May 11, 2016

Farooq Sattar’s coordinator died in Rangers’ custody, claims MQM

Howeve­r, Ranger­s spokes­person says Aftab Ahmed passed away due to heart failur­e at JPMC

May 3, 2016

Sting operation aftermath: Strict security irks lawmakers

MPAs unite in critic­ising height­ened securi­ty measur­es at Sindh Assemb­ly

May 3, 2016