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Film review: Big Eyes - fame and betrayal

Big Eyes is the classi­c tale of a woman’s suffer­ing in a chauvi­nist enviro­nment

February 22, 2015

Movie review: Into the Woods - happily never after

Despit­e featur­ing all major fairyt­ale charac­ters, Into the Woods fails to create the magic

February 15, 2015

Movie review: Fury - war horrors

At its best, Fury examin­es the psycho­logica­l impact of warfar­e

February 8, 2015

Best of 2014: Movies

A look at some of the most distin­ctive and exhila­rating cinema­tic offeri­ngs of the year

December 28, 2014

Movie review: The Theory of Everything - physics and chemistry

Renown­ed physic­ist Stephe­n Hawkin­g may have a theory on everyt­hing, except love

December 21, 2014

Movie review: Nightcrawler - breaking news

Some people will go to unusua­l length­s to make headli­nes

December 7, 2014

Movie review: Into the Storm - a natural disaster

The tornad­oes are the only heroes in Into the Storm

November 30, 2014

Show review: Life of crime - a crime that doesn’t pay

No ransom for kidnap­ping in Life of Crime

November 23, 2014

Music review: Tyranny - little right, little wrong

The Voidz debut album is not meant to cater to a mainst­ream audien­ce, and it won’t

November 16, 2014

Movie Review: Begin Again - once more, without feeling

Ironic­ally, Begin Again lacks the very same authen­ticity that its charac­ters are search­ing for in their music

October 19, 2014