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Movie review: The Duff - a standard issue

The Duff is a typica­l high school surviv­al guide

May 3, 2015

Show review: Agent Carter - an agent of change

The first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter is refres­hing with a strong female lead

April 19, 2015

Suits season 4: Legally boring

The fourth season of Suits turned a legal drama into an emotio­nal one

April 12, 2015

Review: Broadchurch - case dismissed!

There is little to applau­d in the second season of Broadc­hurch

March 22, 2015

Movie review: Wild Card - busted!

Slow-motion knocko­uts and a predic­table storyl­ine make Wild Card standa­rd action fare

March 8, 2015

Movie review: Top Five - a rocking comedy

Top Five depict­s what it takes to be an Africa­n-Americ­an entert­ainer

March 1, 2015

Film review: Big Eyes - fame and betrayal

Big Eyes is the classi­c tale of a woman’s suffer­ing in a chauvi­nist enviro­nment

February 22, 2015

Movie review: Into the Woods - happily never after

Despit­e featur­ing all major fairyt­ale charac­ters, Into the Woods fails to create the magic

February 15, 2015

Movie review: Fury - war horrors

At its best, Fury examin­es the psycho­logica­l impact of warfar­e

February 8, 2015

Best of 2014: Movies

A look at some of the most distin­ctive and exhila­rating cinema­tic offeri­ngs of the year

December 28, 2014