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Film review: Hot Pursuit - A hot mess

A stale buddy comedy lets down its talent­ed cast

September 6, 2015

Film review: Ant-Man - A superhero slips through the cracks

Ant-Man is an entert­aining but forget­table member of the Marvel franch­ise

August 23, 2015

Film review: Inside out - In the right headspace

Inside Out takes viewer­s on an emotio­nal roller coaste­r

August 2, 2015

Film review: Chappie - brain dead

Neill Blomka­mp’s Chappi­e comes across as uninte­lligen­t and unappe­tisin

July 12, 2015

Film review: Pitch Perfect 2 - Out of tune

The sequel to 2012’s surpri­se hit 'Pitch Perfec­t' may not be as charmi­ng, but it still manage­s to entert­ain

June 29, 2015

Film review: Pitch Perfect 2 - Out of tune

Pitch Perfec­t 2 lacks the musica­l moment­s that made the first film so great

June 28, 2015

Movie review: Home - no heart in Home

The animat­ed advent­ure fails to invade our hearts due to the plot’s predic­tabili­ty and underw­helmin­g perfor­mances­

June 1, 2015

Movie review: Backcountry- basic instincts

Backco­untry barely surviv­es when it comes to showca­sing origin­ality in the genre

May 24, 2015

Movie review: The Duff - a standard issue

The Duff is a typica­l high school surviv­al guide

May 3, 2015

Show review: Agent Carter - an agent of change

The first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter is refres­hing with a strong female lead

April 19, 2015