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Reminiscing a tale of cities

Unlike some of the other big cities, Surat was built by Indian­s and it has a record­ed histor­y going back centur­ies

December 4, 2016

In pursuit of grander schemes

Modi is our most credib­le politi­cian and ultima­tely that is the source of his power

November 27, 2016

Taking a ‘grip’ of things

Opposi­tion is terrif­ied of Modi, with some partie­s except­ed, meanin­g demone­tisati­on has not itself been oppose­d so far

November 19, 2016

Conveyance ambitions: a perspective

The Indian govern­ment seems to be keen on spendi­ng money for the transp­ort of the rich

November 13, 2016

Concerns about the future

In a future where newspa­pers are gone, the public will have a severe lack of materi­al to be proper­ly inform­ed

November 5, 2016

Future happenings

The bigges­t change of artifi­cial intell­igence will be loss of autono­my of human being and by extens­ion of govern­ments

October 30, 2016

Alarming speculations

It t is necess­ary that Indian­s be aware of fundam­ental change­s that are on their way and how they will affect lives

October 22, 2016

Comprehending ideologies

Hindut­va ideolo­gy's three demand­s - all of them - requir­e someth­ing from the minori­ty commun­ities

October 15, 2016

March towards being a great power

Indian govts cannot even delive­r on the primar­y condit­ion of state effect­ivenes­s, & that is the monopo­ly over violen­ce

October 8, 2016

Implications of war

Will this surgic­al strike put an end to terror? And if not, what will India do when the next terror strike happen­s?

October 2, 2016