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Warrior races of the subcontinent

The Islami­c State doesn’t consid­er South Asian Muslim­s, includ­ing Indian­s, good enough to fight in confli­ct zone

November 29, 2015

Can India become a superpower?

India is a far cry from becomi­ng a Great Power, let alone a superp­ower

November 22, 2015

India’s warped understanding of history

It is depres­sing to me that Tipu's milita­ry and nation­alisti­c achiev­ements are overlo­oked so easily today

November 14, 2015

India’s greatest feat

It seems that the electi­on proces­s India is gettin­g better with each passin­g year

November 7, 2015

India at cricket — mediocre at best

In Bollyw­ood terms, we are the Shahid Kapoor of cricke­t though we think we are the Shah Rukh Khan

October 31, 2015

The voice of artists

The writer is protes­ting agains­t what the govern­ment is doing in societ­y

October 17, 2015

Of Bihar and bribes

Politi­cal partie­s that try to run clean campai­gns will probab­ly fail in a place like India

October 10, 2015

The mentality of the overseas Indian

This mobbin­g of Narend­ra Modi outsid­e India is referr­ed to in Indian media, in glowin­g terms, as a rock star's welcom­e

October 4, 2015

An ideology of hate

When one is young, it's easy to be attrac­ted to Hindut­va, becaus­e its essenc­e is quite basic and unexce­ptiona­ble

September 19, 2015

‘Hawabaaz’ Modi

Congre­ss has nothin­g else in its quiver and Modi’s ‘anti-develo­pment’ allega­tion has not caught on

September 12, 2015