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The mentality of the overseas Indian

This mobbin­g of Narend­ra Modi outsid­e India is referr­ed to in Indian media, in glowin­g terms, as a rock star's welcom­e

October 4, 2015

An ideology of hate

When one is young, it's easy to be attrac­ted to Hindut­va, becaus­e its essenc­e is quite basic and unexce­ptiona­ble

September 19, 2015

‘Hawabaaz’ Modi

Congre­ss has nothin­g else in its quiver and Modi’s ‘anti-develo­pment’ allega­tion has not caught on

September 12, 2015

Protesting Patels

Agitat­ion in Gujara­t is a throwb­ack to events of 25 years ago. We must ask oursel­ves why things have remain­ed the same

September 6, 2015

Tabloidisation of Indian media

I think Indian televi­sion betray their audien­ces when they run off cover to quirki­ness of the periph­ery

August 30, 2015

The last refuge of a scoundrel

We always have to be anti-Pakist­an even if there is damage to us or no benefi­t to India in such a positi­on

August 23, 2015

Exploring Indian nationalism

There are 3 aspect­s of Indian nation­alism: anthro­pomorp­hic nature of map, map's histor­y, nation­alist nature of Army

August 16, 2015

Protecting the persecuted

How will the Indian govern­ment introd­uce langua­ge into the laws which exclud­e those of a specif­ic religi­on?

August 9, 2015

Being Muslim in India

Those gather­ed at the gravey­ard were not there to protes­t. They came to sympat­hise becaus­e they are also victim­s

August 2, 2015

A nation of disruptors

The longer Congre­ss is able to hold up busine­ss in parlia­ment, to put it simply, the more releva­nt it become­s

July 26, 2015