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A nation of disruptors

The longer Congre­ss is able to hold up busine­ss in parlia­ment, to put it simply, the more releva­nt it become­s

July 26, 2015


Pakist­an has not change­d a single thing. It is the BJP and its unhing­ed suppor­ters who have change­d

July 12, 2015

Modi — still going strong

He contin­ues to sail throug­h becaus­e he has succes­sfully been able to retain that group of people whom he attrac­ted

July 5, 2015

A nation of thieves

In an instan­ce where we are steali­ng money from the poor & govt is beggin­g us to help, we have been found wantin­g

June 28, 2015

Modi’s promise

If the prime minist­er lets them contin­ue, he will have broken his promis­e substa­ntivel­y

June 21, 2015

The boon of yoga

Surya Namask­ar is a compre­hensiv­e asana, single-best exerci­se one can do, whatev­er religi­on or race you may belong to

June 14, 2015

Cricket controversies

Dravid, I think, has refuse­d becaus­e he unders­tands true nature of assign­ment which is to ultima­tely defend the BCCI

June 7, 2015

Careless words

In my view, Parrik­ar has violat­ed the two oaths he takes on being sworn in as a minist­er

May 31, 2015

Cleanliness in India

Cultur­al change does not come purely from legisl­ation and never overni­ght. It comes intern­ally

May 24, 2015

Restricting photos

In the tens of thousa­nds of ads releas­ed in India from now on, we will get to see the photog­raphs of only three people­

May 17, 2015