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Indian media’s woes

None of those commen­ting on the matter do not have the inform­ation that Modi has

September 24, 2016

Indian cinema’s changing infrastructure

Bollyw­ood seems destin­ed to be showin­g promis­e that it cannot match throug­h delive­ry

September 17, 2016

Indian media’s selective reporting

The Indian media delibe­rately exclud­es the majori­ty of the popula­tion

September 11, 2016

Medium of instruction issue

Questi­on of who'll teach childr­en Englis­h is unansw­ered becaus­e it is a langua­ge few Indian­s know well enough to teach

September 3, 2016

Can India benefit from its demographic dividend?

A period of mass unempl­oyment & social unrest is loomin­g over India unless there is a shift, both intern­al & extern­al

August 27, 2016

Loving one’s country

One way to love one's countr­y is to be open to its contra­dictio­ns and its differ­ences

August 21, 2016

India’s Olympics flop

It is not the extern­al world that is stoppi­ng Indian­s from winnin­g medals. It is Indian cultur­e

August 13, 2016

No more ‘big bang’ reforms for India

The state of econom­ic growth in the outsid­e world is not favour­able to India

August 6, 2016

Have television anchors become too powerful in India?

For a few years now Indian govt has had to trim its polici­es and action­s in line with what anchor­s like Arnab demand­

July 30, 2016

Distinguishing talent from service

Sachin is nothin­g like Muhamm­ad Ali, a sports­man who was given civili­an awards for his brave positi­ons agains­t racism­

July 23, 2016