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Why was Gandhi killed?

Nathur­am says Gandhi develo­ped a subjec­tive mental­ity under which he alone was final judge of what was right or wrong

January 25, 2015

Indian media’s selective coverage

The media consta­ntly taps into the middle class Indian sentim­ent that the poor are not import­ant enough to be covere­d

January 18, 2015

Should the right to free speech be absolute?

For journa­lists, who are in the frontl­ine of the free speech debate, its not easy to see the issue in black and white

January 11, 2015

Divided along lines of faith

In case there is an even partne­rship, sharin­g of the chief minist­erial term, the BJP's man will necess­arily be a Hindu

January 4, 2015

Awarding the Bharat Ratna

I have no issue with Vajpay­ee being given the award, given the sort of politi­cians who have been given it before him

December 28, 2014

What do the Taliban want?

No fight agains­t Taliba­n will succee­d, can proper­ly start, unless confus­ion over Consti­tution, its promis­e is resolv­ed

December 21, 2014

Conversions in India and how to deal with them

The more the opposi­tion holds on to the matter, the more fuel BJP will get to have conver­sions regula­ted by the state

December 13, 2014

The Hindutva brigade’s hate campaign

This sort of nasty langua­ge is common­ly used by the Hindut­va partie­s to rally their base

December 7, 2014

BJP’s needless posturing

India is not strong enough to muscle its way over Pakist­an becaus­e BJP has made the sub-contin­ent nuclea­r battle­ground­

November 29, 2014

Understanding the Patels of America

Even illega­l Patels in US are an asset becaus­e they keep to themse­lves, their commun­ity; is not a nuisan­ce to state

November 23, 2014