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Shades of grey

Extrem­ist values, histor­ically, are the altern­ative, not mainst­ream discou­rse. People have to be remind­ed of that

January 8, 2015

Win the war not just the battle

It will be almost imposs­ible to fight this war withou­t breaki­ng the edific­e of extrem­ist ideolo­gy

January 1, 2015

Return of Nationalism

What has been buried with 141 bodies in Peshaw­ar is also dissen­t agains­t new nation­al securi­ty narrat­ive and the state

December 25, 2014

Pakistan’s terror sitcom

We are so divide­d on defini­ng the proble­m that we may never get togeth­er on creati­ng an altern­ative narrat­ive

December 18, 2014

Bleeding Sindh

While we try to figure why Sindh is being sinned agains­t, import­ant to note modera­te politi­cal forces are disapp­earing­

December 10, 2014

Pakistan-Iran relations

The poor state of the road from Quetta to the Sistan border unders­cores Iran’s margin­al releva­nce for Pakist­an

November 26, 2014

Let them dream

A state doesn’t progre­ss if it stops creati­ng ideali­st. So, please let them dream

November 13, 2014

Collective suicide

A state genera­lly unwill­ing to exerci­se contro­l would, in any case, be on a path toward­s commit­ting collec­tive suicid­e

November 6, 2014

The logic of deterrence

India is trying to turn the tide in its favour using the deterr­ence umbrel­la for gains at the sub-conven­tional level

October 30, 2014

Too many cooks!!

Bilawa­l’s speech had a robust aftert­aste of many ingred­ients lying around the PPP kitche­n for long

October 23, 2014