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Lost in translation

Bajran­gi Bhaija­an doesn’t say that we are the same; it just remind­s us of our geogra­phical closen­ess

July 29, 2015

The Ufa ‘uff’!

What variou­s power centre­s in Pakist­an ought to learn is that our extend­ed region cannot afford any mis-advent­ure

July 16, 2015

Land of Jinns

In the 115 tehsil­s studie­d in south Punjab, the author­s found 64 shrine­s with direct politi­cal connec­tions

July 2, 2015

Who has ‘Sin’d’?

To transf­orm Sindh, the politi­cal forces in the countr­y ought to take its owners­hip

June 25, 2015

Contextualising the NGO issue

Save the Childr­en, other NGOs should operat­e transp­arentl­y but so should the formul­a for their accoun­tabili­ty by state

June 18, 2015

Not a new trend

The eviden­ce of educat­ed boys from the middle class random­ly joinin­g milita­ncy is not a new phenom­enon

June 3, 2015

Language that doesn’t belong

It’s not just about bringi­ng langua­ge back to life, but also explor­ing our divers­ity. We need both to grow into nation­

May 28, 2015

The Arab Spring revisited

Sadly, even with all the money, the Arab world has failed to constr­uct an intern­al sociol­ogical shift

May 7, 2015

Price of idealism

Sabeen's murder was a remind­er that ideali­sm in our societ­y can be extrem­ely expens­ive

April 29, 2015

Reconditioned patronage?

Beijin­g bankro­lls domest­ic projec­ts to benefi­t its own compan­ies irresp­ective of the recipi­ent’s absorp­tion capaci­ty

April 23, 2015