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Contextualising corruption

Milita­ries all over the world will contin­ue to use non-state actors unabas­hedly as policy tools withou­t much remors­e

June 8, 2016

A theory of illogic

Unlike Iran, Genera­l Zia’s regime allowe­d Afghan refuge­es to assimi­late, obtain Pakist­ani identi­ties

June 1, 2016

PPP — changing bottles, not the wine

Most politi­cal partie­s includ­ing the PPP are geared to ensure that the govern­ment falls

May 11, 2016

Journey outside Pakistan

Khanka­h Sharif, Bahawa­lpur is an exampl­e of how develo­pment has not reache­d the sub-region­

April 20, 2016

The scent of death

There are whispe­rs about the possib­ility of an intern­al politi­cal arrang­ement within the PML-N

April 13, 2016

Competing modernity

There are people who want to create some space in blasph­emy law, which is what Salmaa­n Taseer was trying to achiev­e

March 17, 2016

Of heroes and villains

Popula­r percep­tion remain­s Qadri's hangin­g was meant to appeas­e foreig­n powers rather than follow norms of justic­e

March 2, 2016

The literature divide

This year two festiv­als were held in Pakist­an's differ­ent cities but with varied client­ele, audien­ce and expect­ations­

February 24, 2016

Is culture the antidote?

Do author­ities actual­ly think relyin­g on litera­ry festiv­als will deter people from blowin­g themse­lves and others up?

February 17, 2016

Death of an icon

There are few teache­rs who could match Shamee­m Anwar's love and dedica­tion to her subjec­t and her studen­ts

January 20, 2016