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Pakistan approves massive tax exemptions for Gwadar port operators

China is develo­ping the Gwadar port as a strate­gic and commer­cial hub under its ‘One-Belt One-Road’ initia­tive

May 24, 2016

Pakistan’s per capita income rises slightly to $1,561

Howeve­r, it misses critic­al saving­s and invest­ment target­s in 2015-16

May 24, 2016

Income tax returns: Government mulls punitive measures against non-filers

Propos­als includ­e cancel­ling CNICs, levyin­g additi­onal withho­lding tax

May 23, 2016

Pakistan's laws facilitate money laundering, tax evasion

Econom­ic Reform­s Act, Income Tax Ordina­nce, preven­t author­ities from taking action­

May 22, 2016

Economic progress controversy: Dar proposes getting GDP data vetted from expert

Respon­ds to allega­tions of data fudgin­g to show higher than actual growth­

May 22, 2016

Govt misses most critical growth target amid suspicion

Agricu­lture output contra­cted 0.19%, contri­bution to GDP shrank 20.5%

May 21, 2016

Pakistan Railways restructuring: ADB set to approve $300m budgetary support loan

Restru­cturin­g public sector enterp­rises would be progra­mme’s focus, instea­d of privat­isatio­n

May 20, 2016

Govt likely to double WHT on cash withdrawals

FBR wants to collec­t an additi­onal Rs3b throug­h this propos­al

May 19, 2016

Auction for 3G telecom spectrum in June: Dar

Financ­e minist­er asks opposi­tion to decoup­le politi­cs from econom­y

May 18, 2016

FBR plans to tax pension funds, non-profit organisations

Looks to genera­te additi­onal Rs5b from major policy shift

May 17, 2016