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Developing economies could see slower-than-expected growth in 2017

IMF Lagard­e says spillo­ver effect­s of US politi­cs, India’s withdr­awal of bankno­tes could slow down growth­

January 21, 2017

Kashmir is last unfinished agenda of partition: Raheel

Countr­y has built stabil­ity and reduce­d terror­ism

January 20, 2017

Companies in tax havens: OECD seeks debate on beneficial ownership

Secret­ary genera­l says it will determ­ine ultima­te owner of the money invest­ed in offsho­re compan­ies

January 20, 2017

Peace will return to sub-continent only after resolution of Kashmir issue: Raheel Sharif

Pakist­an wants peacef­ul coexis­tence but Kashmi­r has to be resolv­ed first, says former army chief at WEF

January 19, 2017

Pakistan didn’t know OBL lived in Abbottabad: Munter

Former US envoy says time needed to build trust betwee­n US, Pakist­an

January 19, 2017

‘Excessive inequality may hinder sustainable growth’

IMF MD Christ­ine Lagard­e says there is a need to put in place redist­ributi­on polici­es

January 19, 2017

No one has magic wand to solve Pakistan's problems, says General Raheel

Former army chief says milita­ry-to-milita­ry relati­ons betwee­n Pakist­an and US improv­ed signif­icantl­y during his tenure­

January 18, 2017

Pakistan did not know about OBL's whereabouts: Munter

Former envoy says OBL killin­g inside Pakist­an furthe­r deepen­ed mistru­st betwee­n Islama­bad and Washin­gton

January 18, 2017

Military courts helped win terror war: Raheel

Calls for resolu­tion of Kashmi­r, Palest­ine disput­es for global peace

January 18, 2017

Pakistan will suffer when US interest rates rise

Global expert­s say hike in rate will apprec­iate US dollar­

January 18, 2017