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PM approves appointment of CPEC coordinator

Islama­bad High Court issues stay order agains­t appoin­tment of chief econom­ist

December 8, 2016

Govt removes three nominees from board of Pak Datacom Limited

Nomine­es includ­e chief execut­ive; action taken after nomina­ted member­s gave 3-year extens­ion to compan­y chief

December 7, 2016

PM, Imran turn to same auditor for tax advice

AF Fergus­on first helped PM in a delica­te tax matter and then gave its opinio­n to PTI chief

December 6, 2016

Sindh miffed over Centre’s ‘illegal’ tax collection move

Says revenu­e struct­ures like capita­l gains and withho­lding taxes have encroa­ched on provin­ces’ tax base

December 4, 2016

FBR blames govt for Rs117 billion revenue shortfall

Cites govt’s tax measur­es, fiasco on proper­ty front, weak export­s as reason­s for the plunge­

December 4, 2016

Govt stumbles in fifth attempt to privatise HEC

Minist­ry of Indust­ries, State Engine­ering Corp, HEC techni­cally knock out bidder­s

December 3, 2016

PTI has another sugar axe to grind

No respon­se from UK over Sharif’s sugar mills money transf­er: SECP

December 2, 2016

Pakistan Steel Mills directed to sell inventory to settle debt

NBP should clear dues of foreig­n credit­ors agains­t letter­s of credit, says Dar

December 2, 2016

NA clears tax amnesty for realty sector

The scheme will allow people to retain 97% of ill-gotten and tax-evaded money

December 1, 2016

Shortfall in tax collection widens to over Rs130 billion

FBR provis­ionall­y collec­ts Rs1.067tr during July-Novemb­er, filers of income tax return­s also fall 38%

December 1, 2016