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To buy or not to buy, Tecno Pop 4

A budget friendly smartphone available in 2 vibrant colors
To buy or not to buy, Tecno Pop 4

Tecno Pop 4 is a 3G dual sim smartphone also known as Tecno’s low budget phone however it does have decent features and specifications for a price of only Rs. 11,999. Sounds good, no? Well after a run down on the features and specifications of this phone, it’ll be easier for our readers to decide whether they wish to buy it or not.

Pop 4 runs on Android 10 (Go edition), which is an upgraded version of Android 10 for phones with RAMs of 2GB and less so that it works faster. Hence a good speed can be expected from this phone.

It is available in two colors, Ice Lake green and Dawn blue. These colors are different and new, however there could have been better color options for this low-priced phone as blue and green are not everyone’s go to color when buying a phone. Also, these two colors are quite bright and dark as the name suggests Pop, these phones would definitely pop in your hand.

This phone also has a dual color shade at its back like the blue colored one has a bright purple shade on the top and then blue towards the bottom, which gives a gradient effect to the phone along with the steal cover.

Pop 4 has a 6.0 inches IPS LCD display along with 32GB built-in internal storage which is not bad for a phone in this price range and it also supports SD card which adds up to the external storage in case users need extra space, which they most probably would. This phone also comes with a screen recording option which is a plus for a phone in such low price because screen recording is considered as a relatively elite feature.

To buy or not to buy, Tecno Pop 4

One good thing about the brand Tecno is that it provides an additional plastic cover in order to keep the phone protected along with the necessary stuff like charger and earphones so that is a plus if you buy any Tecno phone and same is the case with Pop 4 model as well. Irrespective of the price range, there is no compromise on the accessories.

It has a dual flash light along with the fingerprint sensor which is a necessary feature to have in any phone and glad that tecno has not missed out on this one however the fingerprint censor can be a plus for the users.

The highlight of Pop 4 is its very heavy battery of 5000 mAh especially for a phone this economical, this is one feature that needs to be praised because 5000 mAh is majorly found in high-end phones. So, this phone will definitely provide long usage hours to the users and they wouldn’t run out of battery even after using the phone endlessly.

On the other hand, there are a few negative aspects of this phone as well. It is essential to highlight both the aspects so that readers can decide accordingly. This tecno phone includes no upgrade in the display design as they still continue with same design which has already been used for past 4 years.

So, it can be said that the model is a repetition of the previous designs by the company. A slight change in the appearance of the phone can be a plus in order to gain more buyers. Also, the quality in terms of camera is not up to the mark with less and dull lighting which can be justified by the fact that it is a very low budget phone hence expecting extra ordinary camera features would not be doing justice to it.

However, if we compare Pop 4 to Redmi 9A or Airtel’s model as they fall under the same price bracket, these phones consist of relatively better-quality features in terms of resolution and other options.

When tested it has a very slow fingerprint sensor. In the concentration of sound, it has no as such loudspeaker within. Because of these negative aspects this phone has received criticism as users were expecting a lot more than what has been offered. For me, it is a bit confusing as to justify whether the price restricts the features and the quality of this phone or to agree with people for expecting more in this Pop series model.

One of the major reasons users condemned this phone was that all previous pop series phones were 3G. With this new model launched, users were expecting something more, particularly an upgrade to the 4G (LTE) and a better display option, which both are missing in this phone.

After a massive backlash faced by the company, Tecno soon launched a variant of this phone called as Pop 4 LTE compensating to the previous model Pop 4 and giving in that extra feature which users were actually expecting. This was indeed a way to make up for not living up to the expectations of the users, however Pop 4 LTE did better in terms of sales as compared to Pop 4.