Business Summary

The Express Digital Pvt Ltd is Pakistan’s #1 online news platform with the largest number of followers – over 13M unique visitors per month! We continue to grow the fastest and to attract the best brands that come to us because of our ability to create viral content and drive traffic and sales for their brands. We generate revenue by selling advertising space as well as native advertising on our platforms.

Native advertising and why it’s the future of advertising

With online banner advertising in a steady decline, the need for original content to build brands and grow businesses has become a necessity. We take this a step further by providing quality and shareable content through our team of professionals who know how create viral content and who are experts at delivering results. Try us! If you don’t find us effective we’ll give you your money back.

What solutions do we provide for you?

We offer a variety of content to suit your requirements in the form of: articles, lists and quizzes. These provide the perfect space for brands to showcase their strengths and advertise goods and services via storytelling.

Target Market

Social media is continuing to make strides in Pakistan, which boasts 15 million users a month on Facebook. The Express Digital Pvt Ltd collectively has a following of 8 million people on Facebook, providing the perfect opportunity and space for brands to reach out to a wider audience through native advertising.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is simple: We aim to drive people to our websites and onto your branded stories using our massive following (8 million and counting just on Facebook) on social media. Our advertising techniques provide a return on social marketing 8x higher than average, driving costs below $0.01 per click. Our broader sales strategy focuses on direct sales to advertising clients for space in our network via native advertising.

Competitive Advantage

We have a clear edge over other competing media platforms, given the strength of our following. Taking into account our teams of media professionals, groundbreaking designs, our social media following, website traffic and independent ranking, we are miles ahead of our competitors, providing wider exposure and engagement to branded stories.