Three short steps will have you video blogging for The Express Tribune:


Come up with a topic/idea for a video blog. This can be your solo effort, a team effort or you can contact to get our feedback in troubleshooting/brainstorming your idea.


Get your camera out and start shooting!


Upload your video to YouTube and email us your video url to – it’s that simple!

Why video blog?

Got something to say about breaking news or a major event?

Instantly record a video response like this or this, and email us the link.

Feeling a little more adventurous?

Hit the streets, become a citizen journalist and capture the world around you like some of these vblogs.

Have a creative streak?

Take some time to record a skit, enactment, comic relief, or create an artistic package to share with us.

Are you an expert in your field?

Shoot a video sharing your specialized knowledge with thousands of others, or contact us so we can arrange a shoot with you.

Are you a business/corporation interested in having your product/service reviewed or event covered?

Contact us now and we will assign a reporter/blogger to cover your event/product/service. Or cover your own event and send us your links.

Remember: we are open to one-time submissions by you, but feel free to develop your video blogs on The Express Tribune into monthly or even weekly shows.

Want to contact us before you start recording?