Quratulain Balouch shines internationally

Published: September 30, 2011
QB is currently working on her first album which is due to be released this year. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

QB is currently working on her first album which is due to be released this year. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

QB is currently working on her first album which is due to be released this year. PHOTO: PUBLICITY
QB is currently working on her first album which is due to be released this year. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Upcoming pop singer Quratulain Balouch, popularly known as QB, recently won the ‘Pakistan’s Youngest Achievement Award UK and Europe 2011’ in Britain. The third annual Pakistan achievement awards were held on September 16 and included 500 nominations for 11 award categories.

Balouch, who came into the spotlight during this year’s “Coke Studio”, has busied herself with touring and recording her first album, the name of which has not been finalised yet. The album, she says, will be ready for release by the end of the year.

The award, which has been presented to several distinguished personalities including famed boxer Amir Khan, came as a pleasant surprise to QB. “I was approached for the Pakistan Youngest Achievement Award UK and Europe 2011 and was thrilled to get an award that is recognised internationally,” says Balouch. “People in London love Pakistani music and appreciate it to the fullest,” she adds, while highlighting that Pakistan’s music was growing and taking over other countries, including India.

Recently, QB recorded the soundtrack for Hum TV serial “Humsafar”, a song that not only capitalises on Balouch’s unique voice but has also been well-received by critics. “The lyrics of the soundtrack have been crafted by Naseer Turabi and the beautiful song was also sung by Abida Parveen. I was truly honoured to be given this chance.”

Meanwhile, speaking on her singing style, QB adds that she hopes to maintain her own unique personality, adding that not being a classical singer — despite having a classical voice — allows her to better identify with the people. “I find it hard to completely change the overall image of being traditional because of my voice, although I agree my music is totally different from how I present myself, I’d rather keep it natural than make alterations in my appearance,” states the 23-year-old.

Being one of the younger musicians in the currently passive music industry means that there are numerous challenges for her in terms of growing and succeeding in the profession. However as a ‘new kid on the block’, QB says her experience has been incomparable as she has been extremely lucky so far. “Some people have it ingrained in them, while others have to work a little harder to get where they want. I would say focus and determination are very important. Another key point is to know what one is capable of,” she adds.

Rueing the fact that the industry is on the decline, QB laments, “Unfortunately, the music scene is fading in our country and the right platform for newcomers is hardly something to count on. I feel our music industry needs passionate people.”

The chances of Balouch following the footsteps of several Pakistani musicians, who enter the acting fold, are slim at the moment as the young artist is currently not interested in the said field.  “I’m a very bad actor; it wouldn’t be the best decision for me to even think of acting,” quips Balouch, adding that music is her passion and she plans to stick to it.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 1st,  2011.

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Reader Comments (16)

  • Aamir
    Sep 30, 2011 - 9:53PM

    Good luck to upcoming artist.


  • T imm
    Sep 30, 2011 - 10:00PM

    Good job .QB


  • Honorliving
    Sep 30, 2011 - 10:56PM

    She is the next big thing after Reshma and Abida Parveen…


  • positive pakistani
    Oct 1, 2011 - 12:32AM

    @Honorliving: along with Sanam Marvi …:)


  • tasleem
    Oct 1, 2011 - 5:52AM

    Honorliving it’s surprising who you compare there stupid fads with the legends, QB has a different voice but she is just a FAD, what has she done so far just covers thats it, wait till she comes out with original stuff and we shall see if she is even the dust of the feet of the legends that you have mentioned. ya if you say sanam marvi is the next abida parveen that would by absolutely right as she has all the elements to be one, on the other hand QB = different voice + nice looks but zero techincal know how of singing.


  • Bilal
    Oct 1, 2011 - 7:56AM

    Agreed. Akhian nu raen day had too much vocal editing and effects. Where as Humsafar when kept rather natural wasn’t that impressive.
    Adding to that, skimpy clothes can take you a long way :)


  • Maroof
    Oct 1, 2011 - 9:36AM

    I would say the Hamsafar poetry goes very well with QBs voice. She may have a long way to go and learn as she goes. I would say she is a very good discovery.


  • bammbbayyaa
    Oct 1, 2011 - 10:30AM

    Pakistan has so much of talent .. which is still untapped …. for the fear of being comming in the axis of Sharia and Taliban …. I really hope she does well on International arena same as all other pakistanis have done .. I really hope people of pakistan will take care of such talent and protect her from getting killed because she is singing ….


  • SK
    Oct 1, 2011 - 2:19PM

    @bammbbayyaa…You should protect Shah rukh Khan before Hindutva extremists come out and try to kill him (remember the pro-Pakistani IPL drama in 2009?)


  • kay
    Oct 1, 2011 - 5:21PM


    Spot on ..


  • manu
    Oct 1, 2011 - 5:22PM

    @ Sk , no one needs to protect SRK in India as he is well respected and loved across all India.India gives equal opportunity for everyone to be successful no matter what ur religion is, unlike pakistan


  • murtaza ali khan
    Oct 1, 2011 - 5:57PM

    if u see her face and hear her voice, u cannot guess its the same girl with that same voice…. she has a great voice,a powerhouse i would call her… there is a power in her voice that attracts a person to listen to her songs and surely it has attracted me :)


    Oct 1, 2011 - 7:19PM

    Well said. Why only SRK but all Khans of Bollywood are very popular in India and draw more crowds than big political leaders.


  • Khan
    Oct 6, 2011 - 9:30AM

    Umm.. what did she acheive?


  • T.tariq
    Oct 12, 2011 - 12:04AM

    QB has such a beautiful voice..her voice reflects purity..and it feels so good that she is already shining internationally though her very first album isnt out yet..well done QB


  • FJ
    Oct 12, 2011 - 5:15PM

    i have totally unplugged version of akhiyan nu rehn !! it doesnt have ANY vocal editing at all !!! u have got to hear her live !!!!


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