Mahira Khan should have stayed a VJ: Iman Ali

She also thinks Fawad Khan wasn't really good at being a rock star

Entertainment Desk March 27, 2020

Super model-turned-actor Iman Aly sat down for a no-holds-barred interview in a rare instant recently, and needless to, she did not hold back.

The gorgeous Iman released all her inhibitions and swung at every question with casual humour, giving usual rapid fire rounds a run for their money. She even said Humayun Saeed may as well have been a doodh/dahi bechnay wala (milk seller) with his typically Punjabi looks - yeah, we're not kidding!


At one point, the interviewer asked Iman what she thought some people should've been had they not been who they are right now, and that's where all the fun started!

When asked about the country's favourite superstar at the moment, Mahira Khan, Iman had no second guesses. "She should've stayed a VJ. She was really good at that and I really liked her at that," said Iman, chuckling at her own answer.

Iman also made another revelation - she was offered Raees alongside Shah Rukh Khan before Mahira landed the coveted role. "The people who approached me told me it's a role opposite Shah Rukh, so I asked them to send me the script. I guess they didn't really like that," said Iman.


Of course, you might be wondering, who would reject working with a star as big as SRK? Iman has an answer. "I just want to do films. It's not about who it's with, it just has to be a good role."

When asked about Fawad Khan, Iman said, "He used to make really stupid jokes on set (they were co-stars in their debut film Khuda Kay Liye) so maybe a failed stand-up comedian."

fawad iman

Before answering, Iman also had another thing to say about Fawad's earlier calling. "He used to do a play, Jutt and Bond since way back when I was modelling and he was a 'rock star' too, which he wasn't really good at," she quipped.

That's not all - Iman also threw major shade at Mehwish Hayat for getting cosmetic work done, but all in good humour. "She should have been a cosmetologist's assistant," she said, with a hearty laugh giving away the underlying meaning to her answer.

Needless to say, we wish Iman did a lot more interviews if this is how unapologetic she is!

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Nabeel | 2 months ago | Reply | Recommend Iman Ali is not a versatile person. The way Iman Ali chuckles on giving other professions to the female actresses was showing utter hate against their success. You believe that you are the smartest and the only one who knows all about fashion and film? This is the huge misconception you are living with. Your era has long gone, now this is a new era with an innovative and multi-talented generation and you have to embrace this if you want to stay in the industry. And try to learn and understand the term "appreciation". PEACE
Rami | 3 months ago | Reply | Recommend Honestly. Iman you should have not done this interview, wish you well for your health,but you needs to do reality check ,hon! High time ! Mahira has already surpassed many ,including you ,never said one mean word aganist anybody,plus the body of works shows she is a superb classy actress period ! Yeah ,she was a rock star as a VJ ,did not hear you say they asked you to do that job! Raees was a 100 core blockbuster hit film,srk and zaalima chemistry, just read the comments ,and just chill!
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