PM Imran issues fresh appeal for asset declaration

Published: May 30, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reiterated his appeal to non-filers of tax returns to avail the government’s asset declaration scheme.

“This will not only help you [non-filers] bring your undeclared assets into the mainstream but also help the government collect taxes for the welfare of the people,” the premier said in a televised message.

“Only 1% tax filers exist in a population of 220 million,” he added. “The country will only progress when people pay their due taxes.”

The prime minister noted that the government was not in a position to build hospitals, schools and other facilities for people because taxes were not paid.

He reminded non-filers that the scheme would continue till the 30th of next month.

“There won’t be another amnesty opportunity after that,” he added.

“Tax collection agencies have already gained access to details about undeclared assets and more information is being received.”

The prime minister assured non-filers that the taxes they would pay on undeclared assets would not be stolen.

“I will look after it [money paid in taxes] myself and ensure that it is spent on the welfare of the people.”

The premier further said non-filers would be able to “sleep in peace” after declaring their undisclosed income. “This step will also help the government in making through the ongoing difficult economic phase.”

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