The Vault: Faiza Shaikh

Published: September 3, 2018

Faiza Shaikh is a London-based artist who is making waves with her contemporary styled artwork. With vast knowledge of technique and history of art, Faiza has decided to make her own mark in the art world

When did you first start painting?

I was introduced to art from a very early age. My obsession with art continued at Fielden Park Art school in Manchester and after that, South Trafford college for textile designing and finally at St Martin’s College in London.

How long have you been painting for and what makes your art standout?

I have been painting for a while now and I believe my work is extremely unusual and eye catching.

What drives you into creating such unique pieces?

I am very unbothered by the viewer’s opinion about my artwork, which encapsulates the beauty of my work in itself. I define my own rules by living in my own world. I exist in nirvana. This is why some of my pieces are detached from the ongoing world, yet meaningful at the same time.

Did you gradually work into what it is today or did you have a vision?

No, I always wanted to paint philosophy, politics, poetry and Economics on canvas. So I would say yes, I had a vision.

How would you describe your art as a whole?

My art consists of strong bold colours, sharp contrasts and a sense of power and modernity that strikes anyone at first glance. My signature work is recognised by the use of gold and silver leaf scripted with the philosophical message and I have developed a special technique by which the canvas is converted into a luscious, rich silk and velvety texture. My work is rooted in the contemporary world. I am not unconcerned with issues of urban existence, or racial discrimination, of the disparities between the rich and poor. My paintings present a quest for perfection, which takes impetus from this world without depicting its context.

What are your greatest accomplishments?

My greatest accomplishment would be my work being exhibited at several galleries internationally. A few of them would be 2015 Dubai Art Fair, 2014 My Art World and 2011 The Mall Galleries, London.

How would you sum up your recent art show, ‘Visionary Infusions’?

My solo show titled ‘Visionary Infusions’ was showcased at Gaia Fusion in Lahore, on March 15, 2018 and was curated by MyArtWorld (@myartworldpk). The show consisted of contemporary art from some of my previous collections. One of the collections came from my previous paintings consisting of dolls painted in a unique, vibrant and colourful manner. Some of the paintings consisted of nude women painted in abstract colours, and black was predominantly used for this. It was a successful show and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

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