RapidCompute launches Pakistan’s first local cloud based Infosec Portfolio

Published: August 17, 2018
Press Release

RapidCompute, since its inception in 2011, has endeavoured to provide cutting edge services to its customers. The PCIDSS and ISO certified cloud service provider plays host to a large number of banks, financial sector organisations and critical public and private sector institutions. In a post Snowden era of malware attacks, ransomware and data theft, digital security has become the paramount concern of these establishments.

With this in mind, RapidCompute has once again pioneered a breakthrough solution called “Titanium”- a suite of services that provides unparalleled security through its public cloud. Titanium uses a subscription based model that meets all compliance and regulatory requirements of data sensitive institutions.

1The product portfolio includes essential services such as SIEM, DDoS mitigation, threat management, penetration testing, Web Application Firewall, security advisory and much more. Organisations incur a heavy one-time cost if they ask for these services to be deployed on premises; the cost has to be paid 100% upfront regardless of the scale of operations.



In contrast, Titanium’s pure pay-as-you grow model allows organisations to secure themselves at their own pace and according to their own budgets. With the ever increasing regulatory requirements for enterprises today, a service model such as this makes the transition much smoother and cost effective.

For a free demo and overview session of Titanium’s security portfolio, contact RapidCompute on:

[email protected][email protected] or

[email protected]


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