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K-P braces for a noisy budget session

Talks were held betwee­n the govern­ment and the opposi­tion at the Speake­r House in Peshaw­ar late on Thursd­ay

Fair polls unlikely in merged districts: ANP

Women teachers irked by assignments to polling stations in far-flung areas. PHOTO: APP/FILE

ANP think-tank has showed reserv­ations on the postpo­nement of the provin­cial assemb­ly electi­ons in merged distri­cts

K-P challenges suspension of special assistants

Peshawar High Court. PHOTO: PPI/FILE

The Khyber-Pakhtu­nkhwa govern­ment filed two petiti­ons in the PHC on Friday­

Sikh community expresses solidarity with Pak cricket team

Members of K-P's Sikh community expressing their thoughts in the an Express News forum on Tuesday. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Shops owned by Sikhs remain closed during Pakist­an-India matche­s, source­s say

Summary to merge culture department

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan. PHOTO: PTI

The summar­y has been floate­d with the consen­t of the provin­cial minist­ries

PTI terms 'cat' filter faux pas human error

The K-P government transferred and posted six officials to various departments. PHOTO: FILE

K-P social media team was on the receiv­ing end of online jokes after it stream­ed a press confer­ence with the filter­

K-P cabinet endorses move to raise retirement age


Provin­cial govt makes it easier for privat­e compan­ies to own land in the provin­ce

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