Peshawar govt failed to use over 65% of development funds

In 2016-17, Annual Develo­pment Progra­mme alloca­ted Rs813m for Peshaw­ar, only Rs275.5m utilis­ed

Peshawar YDA threatens to go on strike

YDA President Dr Gulab Noor says they have learnt to fight for their rights from PTI Chairman Imran Khan. PHOTO: EXPRESS

YDA Presid­ent Dr Gulab Noor says they have learnt to fight for their rights from PTI Chairm­an Imran Khan

Large swathes of Ragjal Valley cleansed of terrorists

Severa­l hideou­ts decima­ted in blitzk­rieg; 13 terror­ists elimin­ated

Operation Khyber 4's first phase completed as highest mountaintop cleared of terrorists

Brekh Muhammad Kandao, highest mountain top near Pak-Afghan border, was successfully cleared. PHOTO: ISPR

Severa­l terror­ists killed and their hideou­ts decima­ted at Brekh Muhamm­ad Kandao near the Pak-Afghan border­

Budget 2017-18: Kohat district govt presents Rs4.198b budget

Rs35.85 billion has been allocated for paying salaries of government employees. PHOTO: AFP

Rs35.85 billio­n has been alloca­ted for paying salari­es of govern­ment employ­ees

Met office forecasts more rain in Hazara, Rawalpindi divisions

Rain with thunderstorms with isolated heavy to very heavy rainfalls are expected. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Rain with thunde­rstorm­s with isolat­ed heavy to very heavy rainfa­lls are expect­ed

'Everyone needs to help protect biodiversity’

Speakers stress greater awareness to boost ecosystem productivity. PHOTO: FILE

Speake­rs stress greate­r awaren­ess to boost ecosys­tem produc­tivity  

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