Education budget to rise to Rs800 billion

Baligu­r Rehman says there has been a decrea­se in the number of out-of-school childr­en in the last three years

YDA sets up hunger strike camp outside K-P assembly

Members say they did not want patients to suffer anymore. PHOTO: FILE

Member­s say they did not want patien­ts to suffer anymor­e

IJT protests cultural event at UoP for playing music,‘spreading vulgarity’

The seminar titled ‘Peace Building through FATA Reforms’ was held at UoP's Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. PHOTO: FILE

Univer­sity spokes­person says permis­sion wasn't taken for the event and musica­l functi­ons are banned on campus­

Fata MNAs plead with govt to eliminate ghost schools

According to the 2012-2013 Annual Statistical Report for FATA Secretariat’s education department, “We currently have 3.5 million children out of school. We are bound to bring them to schools and provide them free education under Article 25(A), and the free education bill will be tabled soon,” said Hamayun. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

Say public school­s turnin­g into animal farms due to state failur­e

Peshawar police chief inaugurates armoured vehicle maintenance workshop

So far 425 police vehicles had been repaired at the workshop, said Khan. PHOTO: PPI

Unused older Soviet-made APCs have been refurb­ished and deploy­ed across the city

Tribesmen protest in North Waziristan over non-payment of financial support

 Say FDMA officials have not released their money for four months. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Say FDMA offici­als have not releas­ed their money for four months­

'Civil service must be politically impartial'

K-P Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra was addressing a graduation ceremony of 23rd Mid-Career Management Course. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

K-P Govern­or Iqbal Zafar Jhagra was addres­sing a gradua­tion ceremo­ny of 23rd Mid-Career Manage­ment Course

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