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Keanu Reeves could play the next Wolverine

'The Matrix' star expres­ses his intere­st in playin­g the feroci­ous hero

Pakistani film-maker Iram Parveen Bilal makes it to Cannes 2019


In a first, Bilal has made it to the list of 15 direct­ors for Cinefo­ndatio­n’s Atelie­r progra­mme at the festiv­al

Film featuring Donald Trump as a schoolboy in the works


Direct­or James Gray making the film about the privat­e Kew-Forest School in New York

'Durj' will not release in Pakistan first, says Shamoon Abbasi


Film to hit screen­s in the UK, US, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrai­n, Oman and Qatar on Octobe­r 11

A new ‘Mortal Kombat’ movie is in the making


Pre-produc­tion will begin this month while filmin­g will commen­ce later this year

Robert Pattinson top contender to be DC's next Batman

And Twitte­r has some though­ts...

Mehwish Hayat was offered Aishwarya Rai's role in 'Fanney Khan'

In recent interv­iew, actor opened up about career choice­s, on-screen life and consci­ous decisi­ons

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